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January 12th 2020

Alex's Bar
Long Beach (CA)

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 Fishbone's Hall of (upcoming) Fame 

A * denotes a founding member.

Current Battalion

Angelo C. Moore*
Vocals, Saxophones, Theremin, Percussions

John Norwood Fisher*
Bass, Vocals

Walter Kibby III*
Vocals, Pocket Trumpet

Philip Fisher*

John Bigham
Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

Jay Armant
Trombone, vocals

Paul Hampton
Keyboards, Vocals

Fallen Soldiers

Kendal R. Jones* (1979->Apr 1993) Guitars, Vocals
Christopher Dowd* (1979->Mid 1994) Vocals, Keyboards, Trombone
Tracey Singleton (Early March 1997->Nov 01 2003) Guitars
John Steward (Late Apr 1999->Sep 17 2016) Drums
Dion Murdock (July 1998->Mid Apr 1999) Drums
John McKnight (Late March 1998->December 2010 (with a break between 2001 & 2005)) Keyboards, Trombone, Guitar
Anthony Brewster (Early March 1997->March 10 1998) Keyboards, Trombone, Vocals
Rocky George (Early Nov 2003->Sept 2 2017) Guitars
Dre Gipson (Jan 2004->Jan 2013) Keyboards, Vocals
Clint Cameron (Late March 1998->Late May 1998) Drums
Dre Holmes (May 13 2004 - July 17 2005, June 2007->) Trumpet, Vocals
Freddie Flint (Jan 2013->May 2013) Keyboards
Curtis Storey Jr. (28 jul 2005->June 2007) Trumpet, Vocals

Guest appearances / Stand-ins

Gil Sharone / drums
Torrel Ruffin / Guitars
Mervin Campbell / Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Elizabeth Lea / Trombone
Wendog / Guitars
James Grey / Drums
Michael Balzary / Trumpet
Tim Moynahan / Trombone
Joseph McCreary / Bass, Drums
Big Na, Mike T and Stuff / Drums
Earl Hudson / Drums
Fernando Pullum / Trumpet, Vocals
Tom Bone Ralls / Trombone
Ikey Owens / Keyboards


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