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August 22nd 2021

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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May 07 1988 @ Metroplex Atlanta, GA

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Review by Bartonhall on Jun 29 2019 

This was a great venue for the music fan and regularly had an amazing lineup.  It was downtown on Marietta Street in what I recall was a warehouse district.  It too may have been a warehouse used as a venue and was before ATL gentrified.  It could be an intimidating spot when we would roll out in the wee hours.  Not sure if it was this date, but a friend had his Vespa stolen from out front while we were groovin'.  He was heartbroken but we were all ripped on LSD or 'shrooms and we were not very sympathetic (hallucinogens made material things seem unimportant).

As for this night, the RHCPs were the headliners, and as I recall they were our focus.  I had first seen FB at Club Rio in '86 (months after my HS graduation) and when I hearken back to those early days, I can still hear their sonic blast reverberating from it's tiny space.  Maybe I am conflating the early times I saw FB, but I was blown away by their powerful sound.  I don't know if the RHCPs regularly played these early shows wearing only socks (on their c*cks) but perhaps this was an attempt to top FB.  The RHCPs did not disappoint and we left drenched in sweat and beer with ringing ears.

Good times in the Atlanta music scene!


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Fishbone & Metroplex

Fishbone played already at Metroplex once.
>November 19, 1988 2 photosNo video has yet been linked.No review has yet been submitted.The setlist has not yet been submitted.No recording has yet been submitted.2 'hoodsters in attendance
Fishbone is not scheduled to play Metroplex anytime soon.


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