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September 21st 2019

RSC 32 Years Free Party on the 500 Bloc
West Palm Beach (FL)

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Sep 24 1993 @ Eckhard Barcelona, ES

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
Walter Kibby III (v, t)
Christopher Dowd (v, key, tb)
John Bigham (eg, g, key, v)
Earl Hudson (d)


1. Everyday Sunshine
2. Unyielding Conditioning
3. No Fear
4. Lemon Meringue
5. End The Reign
6. Skankin' to the Beat
7. Give it Up
8. Swim
9. Servitude


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2 videos
Title:Fishbone - concierto en Barcelona 1993 - Sala Zeleste
Author:JJ MA
Description:Concierto de FISHBONE del 24 septiembre 1993 en la sala Zeleste. Emitido por Sputnik Concert (grabado VHS). Lista de canciones: 1- Everyday sunshine 2- Unyielding conditioning 3- No fear 4- Lemon meringue 5- End the reign 6- Skankin 7- Give it up 8- Swim
Published:Aug 21 2015 10:15:23
Title:Fishbone Barcelona 1994 - Give It Up
Description:A snapshot of the baddest band in the world in the midst of its implosion. The Give a Monkey a Brain tour. Special K is gone. Fish is gone (and I have no idea who's drumming in his stead). Chris seems almost hostile. Despite all of this, Fishbone on a low point is better than most bands at their best.
Published:Oct 24 2008 11:49:49


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Fishbone & Eckhard

Fishbone is not scheduled to play Eckhard anytime soon.


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