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February 22nd 2020

Rising Vibes Reggae & Ska Festival
Orlando (FL)

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Apr 05 2000 @ Fox Theater Boulder, CO

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
Walter Kibby III (v, t)
Tracey Singleton (eg)
John Steward (d)
John McKnight (key, tb, eg, v)


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4 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Well it was awesome! Nuff said, but I'll try to elaborate... Blake and Sam had snagged a great location in the Fox Theatre for us to have an unobstructed and close view of the the Bone. As usual the sound in the fox was top notch. From the git-go Angelo started the crowd off right by jumping right in and swimming. Everything was clicking. Everyone was happy.

Random news of note; Talked with McNutt about the lack of hollywood promotion with college radio. He said that there was a shake up with the hollywood staff, and as of right now there is NO person in the radio publicity dept. Super sweet I know. Getting my application ready as I type! John also mentioned that communication between the band is gelling tighter and tighter. They are ironing out some of those inherent kinks that come up when you have relatively new members join a band with 20+ years behind it. Look for even greater cohesion and collective songwriting on the next disc. Not only that, John brought along a mini recorder on the bus so that the Bone can start working new songs now as opposed to waiting till after the tour and cramming in the sessions and writing as he feel they did with this release.

Norwood called after me as I was leaving to ensure that there will be some strong things happening web-wise with the bone. If any of you other soldiers have a chance to go more in-depth with him about this, please report back.

Met Angelo's dad, Billy, last night! He drove in from CA to present some proposals to colorado university about English as a second language programs in Bangkok where he lives half of the time. He suprised Angelo at the club by showing up.. It was awesome. I asked him about his stint with Basie. He grinned ear to ear and told me that he just sat in a few times, but you could see him reliving it in his mind as we talked.

I'm gonna sign off here, Po, Blake, Sam, had so much fun with y'all last night!



Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Ok, here is my review of the show last night in Boulder, sorry if it is incoherent, as I am quite tired today! Samm and I got to the Fox last night at 8:30 or so and immediately had a pretty good feeling. Outside of the theatre all sorts of people were hanging around waiting for the first opening band to finish, draggin' their last cigs before going inside (no smoking in any restaurant/bar/th...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Aaaahhhh, such a show! I swear, I was just grinning like a fool at everyone around me. And they smiled back (thanks guys!). Blake did a really good job of getting at the feeling of the show. We both thought that this was far and away the best crowd for a Bone show we've seen here. There were a lot of people, and they were really into it. Even Mr. Security Guard man who was next to me on...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Souljahs- Sorry it has taken so long to write this review of the Boulder show, but here goes. My bud Lou and I showed up to the Fox Theater around 10:15, just when Fishbone was getting ready to hit the Stage. I found Jah Dave up close to the front, and was Introduced to Sam and Blake. (Great to meet you guys!) I found some of my Old Zombiez compadres and it was good to see those cats too. ...


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