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August 22nd 2020

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Jul 04 2000 @ Prime Club Koln, DE

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
Walter Kibby III (v, t)
Tracey Singleton (eg)
John Steward (d)
John McKnight (key, tb, eg, v)


1. Everyday Sunshine
2. Skankin' to the Beat
3. Ma & Pa
4. Just Allow
5. Give it Up
6. Behaviour Control Technician
7. Shakey Ground
8. I Wish I Had a Date
9. Where'd You Get Those Pants
10. Housework
11. Cholly
12. The Suffering
13. When Problems Arise
14. AIDS & Armageddon
15. Freddie's Dead
16. Subliminal Fascism
17. Party At Ground Zero
18. Karma Tsunami
19. Deep Inside


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2 reviews
Review by Denis on Jun 02 2004 

Well, Arno pretty much summed it up. I can't think of anything right now to add, except maybe for the gig description. The prime club is really small. i'm tempted to say that it's no larger than my living room, stage included, but it's bigger, really. The dance floor is only sth like 20ft by 15. Attendance was around 150, luckily, they chose that venue instead of the former one where they played in Cologne. The Live MusicHall would have seemed empty (which it did last time). So it was really an intimate show, laid back and groovy.

Here's the setlist (original spelling from the list): Every day Sunsshine skankin ma&pa just allow give it up behavior shaky ground date pants housewerk cholly suffering problems aids and arma freddy subliminal fas

party karma

deep inside

apparently, it the same setlist as for the dortmund show the night before.

Highlights: Everyday sunshine, which they started really slow and groovy overdubbing Louie Amstrong who was still playing on the PA. Shakey ground gets better and better. this one could turn into a funkadelic monster. Spacey is on the loose. Enventually, he'll manage to play every funkadelic solo during the song. The song started with regular bass+drums while spacey was playing 'I wanna know (if it's good)'. At the end, the song turns into 'Free your mind and your ass will follow' When problems arise is still one of my favorite, along with housework and wood chanting 'the roach the roach the roach is on the wall'

I was a bit disappointed by the length of the gig. One Planet People and servitude would have been good additions.

Norwood really seemed to be enjoying himself and Arno and I got to talk to him for more than an hour, before and after the show, which is nice because, with walt, he is one of the six whom a rarely see hang out. And he was talkative too! What's really nice with the band, is like you can have a real conversation w/ them, not just fan talk (and at the same time they'll oblige if you want autographs and shit). Our conversations with wood, angelo and walter had really more to do with bar conversation than fan talk and this attitude is what is getting them the loyalty they deserve. I'd never even want to talk w/ A. Kiedis, for example, even though i used to be a big fan. i'd have nothing to tell him.

Norwood seemed very realistic about where the band was standing at. Apparently no support or even communication w/ the label. they don't seem to know what's happening - of course, they're abroad, but i think it's more fundamental. Same think w/ their booking agency in Europe who did a shit job on this tour. I think they were expecting more festivals and thay only play one. Picture this, they were in Europe during the Reading/Roskilde/Werchter weekend, and they don't land a spot on any of these festivals. (my selfish self is glad about that, though, getting to see them at the mythic paradiso and the intimate prime club are once in a lifetime experiences)

I wouldn't repeat what he said about Dallas Austin, but it wasnt nice. For one, Dear God has not yet been published because D.A. claims all the credits, while, according to wood, he only came up w/ the drum loop and john Bigham added the melody while walt figured out words to go with it. On the nuttcase scenario front, wood says it was good songs and that if they would be mixed correctly, he'd release them. They seem to own the rights for six of the songs, but i cant remember if Dallas lost that tape or if it was another one.

they do have plans on setting up a proper mail order in a coupla months. APparently, the bad brains' manager is working on it w/ them, along with getting a good deal for walt and trulio's records which will be issued by triple X records. September and November?

Wood seemed to dislike Laswell work as a producer. He was really sour about what happened to george clinton tapes - i didnt get the whole story, maybe Arno could say a little more on it. There's really a negative probability that they'll ever work together.

Talking about the RHCP tour, he said it was no surprise that STP were playing between them, it's like a demilitarized zone for people to recover from (or forget - you never know with today's attention span) fishbone's perf.

As for why they start playing sunshine and servitude again, well, they just relearned it, nothing more to it.

ok, that's it. Oh, yeah, i fell asleep on the way back, fortunately, i was already in a parking area...


Oh yeah, i recorded the gig (yes i know, i'm a maniac), it turned out fine.


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

just got back from the Cologne show. I had a great time again and this time I got to talk to most of the band and crew, which was an interesting change. We (Denis and me) especially talked for a long time to Norwood. I made the unfortunate mistake on congratulating him with his daughter, which prompted him to talk about the phone conversation he had with his mother last weekend in which ...


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Fishbone & Prime Club

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