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August 22nd 2021

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Sep 03 2000 @ Piedmont Park Festival Atlanta, GA

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
Walter Kibby III (v, t)
Tracey Singleton (eg)
John Steward (d)
John McKnight (key, tb, eg, v)


1. Freddie's Dead
2. Everyday Sunshine
3. Just Allow
4. Where'd You Get Those Pants
5. Cholly
6. The Suffering
7. Shakey Ground
8. Karma Tsunami
9. Party At Ground Zero


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2 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

What up, people!? I'm new to this list -- just joined yesterday after the Atlanta show. Have to say I almost lost faith in the Bone after Chim Chim, but this show got me fired up again! I immediately went out and bought the new album today and it ROCKS!!

For the folks that missed the Atlanta show, I'll try my hand at a short report...

The show had...


Review by Deesonic on May 01 2005 

This was an interesting gig. It was the 4th time I'd seen Fishbone and this show was FREE as part of the festival. Other than being free what made this gig stand out was it was the first time I'd seen Fishbone play in front of a primarily black audience. This was mostly an R&B festival. I remember there were a lot of older folks in lawn chairs at front of the stage and suddenly lots of younger folks started moving to the front. Before they came on stage, one particular lady was pissed and telling everyone to sit down and move out of the way to no avail. She was shaking her head and pointing at kids in a motherly way. It was funny. I was thinking that she obviously had no idea what Fishbone was like. It was a great show and many folks in the crowd were initially baffled, but I think Fishbone won many of them over, sticking to more of their catchier stuff rather than the heavier fare. This was nearly 5 years ago, but I seem to remember hearing stuff like "Cholly." It was lots of fun, free, and a beautiful fall day in midtown Atlanta. It was great to see a diverse crowd for a change as well.


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Fishbone & Piedmont Park Festival

Fishbone is not scheduled to play Piedmont Park Festival anytime soon.


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