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July 18th 2020

Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura (CA)

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Jul 03 2001 @ Cubby Bear Chicago, IL

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4 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

It's 3am, and I just got home from the worst Fishbone concert ever (out of 20+). And, what seems to be one of fishbone's worst days ever, although, touring life is might have just been another Tuesday for them (I could never get ahold of Tuesdays...)

Anyway, apparently their bus broke down, or their manager broke down, or Steward broke down or something. They were...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Now you now Chaos is the name of AKP's album, right. I haven't bought it but they're growing on me (after 6 shows).

This Fishbone show stunk---from the ultimate fan. I couldn't even tell you what they played. I know they played Behavior but I couldn't even attempt to stage dive. Yeah, the bus broke down. You can't blame them. Then I guess Wood and manager, etc. got l...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

I was at the chicago show too, i met jeff, dave, kcholly i met you at the end...and i met some other people who aren't on the list, just kinda met them, that was pretty cool. I did get to give them the icecream cake, didn't get a picture of it though. I had to stop at work and pick it up, then take a bus, i had to run with this big ass cake box to the bus and i was right next to it, waving at th...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

I arrived in Chicago Sat around 11:00 pm to find out George Clinton was staying at my hotel (Knickerbocker) but had checked out 1 1/2 hrs before my arrival!In addition he opened up Taste of Chicago and it was his birthday! If only I had known I would have showed up friday!Happy belated George you fuckin' freak!Sunday I didn't sleep stayin' up to create two flyer designs for the 'BONE show Tue at the Cubby Bear.Hit the 24hr Kinkos on Wells about 4 am. Skater dude was runnin' the show.We jammed some serious tunes while I finished the original (artwork?).Dude was amazing!Sooo helpful! I think he was happy just to have some company.6am there was no sense in goin' ta bed so I began my clandestine fishbone mission. I went straight for the heart,Grant park!Taste of Chicago is "the" event in Chicago and Chicago is a very image conscience city.Grant park is ground zero.Chicago police and security were everywhere!I even had to dodge 'Mayor Daleys' Graffiti Busters' van!I strategically placed about 40 flyers in portapotties and slipped a few into kiosks and the bathrooms around Buckingham fountain.It was like I was invisible but it's somewhat more likely that my stealth mode and the early hour allowed me to go unchallenged. Before crashing I went out north to the venue. It was locked up tight as a drum and only a maintenance dude was there so I gave him some flyers to take inside. After some much needed sleep I returned to Wrigleyville and posted in the surrounding neighborhood and nearby train stations.Anyone who has ever considered street-teaming for the band but hasn't got around to it I highly recommend it!A little sacrifice goes a long way and besides it's a labour of love. Ya' get ta meet cool people and spread the word while hopefully not being arrested.

Day of the show 1pm I meet Jeff the promoter of the event and 2 cool soldiers from Michigan,Jezter and Erica.Jezter's in a band called SOOT who apparrently have opened up for Fishbone in the past and Erica does promotions for a label i believe outta' Detroit.They were hangin' in the parking lot behind the Cuby Bear and looked a little worried about something.They tell me the bands' bus broke down in Kansas city,rented vans at the airport,won't be able to bring the greatest majority of thier equip,will have ta use AKPs' stuff but should be able ta make it to the show.Ahh shit!!After distributing the rest of the flyers 5pm I return ta be told by Erica that Norwood drove the wrong way for 2 hours so until he shows up we'll get a special MadVibe show.To clarify that's not exactly how it happened.They had intended ta caravan but a non-band member who was driving Norwood left too early leaving the rest of the caravan behind. While Norwood crashed for 2 hrs the driver drove the wrong way.Wood wakes up ta say 'Where in the F***K ....".He ended up flyin' in after all that!Hear's the reaky shit ya'll!They were lucky enough ta catch the one and only flight into Chicago for that day!We are sooo lucky that there was any kind of show that night! After the show on the bus I heard stories of some nasty storm the boys drove through ta get ta tha show.Walt and Spacey were talkin' bout a funnel cloud and Wet Daddy fuckin' big ass rain drops.

I didn't go ta the show ta be a music critic.I went ta have fun and succeeded fabulously!I enjoyed BANANASAC.They fit and had some good tunes,'MIND IN ACTION' and 'LIGHTS OUT' I think but I didn't catch thier whole set.JOHNY SOCKO a ska band was by far the best guest band there.Real solid and all about howin' thier love for the 'Bone.They broke into a bit of Ghetto Soundwave at one point!AKP...what can I say? Well ta start off I really liked'em.RATM/Limp is a fair comparison.These boys are havin' fun and are livin' a dream.Ya have ta envy'em.Yes they are overly influenced and haven't quite formed thier own musical identities yet but look how young they are. The lead man was wearin' a Jersey jersey so during the performance i had ta bring my Magic Johnson to his attention.He just grinned.Bottom line they had the crowd jumpin' and afterwards folks sought them out ta tell'em how much they rocked.AKP came out ta jam with the boys I think it was during BCT. That's my take on it!

MadVibe saved the day! He performed 'Nate Procrasto','My Favorite Nigger' and 'Jah Jah On The Telephone'. The first two of wich I had not heard previously.MadVibe was on fire!He reached out and had a death grip on my lobes.The vibes were furious!How could it be that the Doctor had me completely transfixed and yet my mind was free to work on an inspired level. The crowd was entirely under his sway!Testifyin' the whole time they were hooked. Angelo spoke with every fiber!An eye witness saw Wood at the bar in the other room.He got a shot of Teq and a beer.Bar maiden asked 'Who's payin' for it?'.He replied 'The crowd'.Norwood showed up stage right and folks who knew went crazy cuz of course Angelo had explained why he wuz missin'.Wood wuz off da hook!I think they all wanted ta release some frustration that night and give it up for everyones' benefit. I'm not sure bout the order of it and I think I might have left out a song but:

NUTTMEG WORLD SKANKIN' SHAKEY GROUND (Spacey dedication to Eddie Hazel) CHOLLY (Possible secret dedication to our very own KCholly) BCT (AKP joined on stage) PRIMADAWNUTT

Is something missin'?Somebody help me out here.Personaly I thought the sound was great!Raw as hell!Spacey was in effect and I think Norwood had a heavier presence than usual wich is the way I prefer it.The pit was very active due to I believe folks knew it might not last long.Big ass dude thick as all hell '5'' maybe 290 was pickin' up folks and pitchin'em up on top for some swimmin'!Once he got him up on top fer a ride.He was thrilled! Because of his size I don't think he gets up there too often.For once I got my bone in and no one seemed too concerned.

It was all good!

After all that I've so far submitted I'm now goin' ta offer you tha HIGHlights! I met in the flesh my first Nuttwork Neighbor!Ohh and what flesh! KCholly is da bomb! It's so nice to come face ta face with no E-mail misinterpretation!MinD and her boyfriend! Let's try the icecream cake again next time.It's just amazing to me how soldiers come in all shapes,sizes,colors...orientations!Unless prewarned ya never know what to expect.I met Dave and his buddies.I lost'em once the 'Bone started gettin' it so I'm curious as ta how they liked it and if they managed ta stay conscience!? I got ta speak with Debbie and her boyfriend John at some length and enjoyed them thuroughly!Picked up 'Ball of Fire' Debbie and I love it!Pharaohs-SUN SKETCHES!Thanks! Met Norwoods son Everett!He was n and out alot with chores so I didn't get to have a decent conversation with'em but I can say this without reservation he's as sharp as a tack.Tha kid is just bursting with quips!Met a soldier on da bus from Indassrpuss.He's wid it and seemed ta know Walt well.We were gettin' quite baked.Norwood,Wet Daddy,Spacey and finally Angelo who I'm sure stayed late fer autographs and shit.More familyhood and combustables streamed in and then shortly afterwards the bus driver woke up and they had ta hit tha road again but before they kicked me off I was sure to 'pass to' and 'recieve from' every single one of'em!Finally found my hotel at 6:15 "Yer ass will be comatose!". Word out ta Dirty Walt Dog King of the Freaks,yer quite alright by me. Jeff


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Fishbone & Cubby Bear

Fishbone played already at Cubby Bear 2 times.
>June 09, 1996Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5 No photo has yet been submitted.No video has yet been linked.3 reviewsThe setlist has not yet been submitted.No recording has yet been submitted.5 'hoodsters in attendance
>October 16, 2001 No photo has yet been submitted.No video has yet been linked.2 reviewsThe setlist has not yet been submitted.No recording has yet been submitted.3 'hoodsters in attendance
Fishbone is not scheduled to play Cubby Bear anytime soon.


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