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August 22nd 2020

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Jul 21 2001 @ SF Dawg Pound San Francisco, CA

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On Stage


1. Nothin' But A Thang
2. Nuttmeg World
3. Skankin' to the Beat
4. Karma Tsunami
5. Pressure
6. Premadawnutt
7. Behaviour Control Technician
8. Shakey Ground
9. The Suffering
10. Alcoholic
11. Ma & Pa
12. If I were A... I'd
13. Riot
14. Frey'd Fucking Nerve Endingz
15. Bonin' in the Boneyard
16. AIDS & Armageddon
17. Last Dayz, Critical Times
18. Servitude
19. Skank n' Go Nutts
20. Party At Ground Zero
21. Demon in Here
22. Sunless Saturday
23. Lyin' Ass Bitch


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2 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

This review is brought to you by Spacey T's setlist.

NOTHING BUT A THING This classic Dirty Walt groove was the opener. Spacey, Steward, Angelo and Wood we're swingin' for a little while, then, the Dog King entered the stage from out of the shadows. What a slammin' way to start!

NUTTMEDWORLD A dose of back to back Blunt style. These songs went over great and got the crowd nice and loose.

SKANKIN TO THE BEAT Tight as hell, played full on uptempo. Just the way you like it.

KARMA TSUNAMI Norwood pulled out the 5-string acoustic and shredded the walkin' bass lines. It's getting hotter and hotter.

PRESSURE Before they start, Norwood see's me smoking the holy herb. He says, "Let me see some a that." I pass it over and the young lady next to me takes a picture of him giving thanks. They tear into pressure. It actually sounds better than ever. Immiediately, it's evident that this tour has been good for the soldiers musically. They have really gelled as a band.

PRIMA DAWNNUTT This song sounds 100x better than the live bootleg (and I love that version). Some of the horn parts seemed re-arranged, with longer breakdowns. Walt looks loke Don Cherry with his pocket trumpet. He sounds better than ever too. Actually, tonight was the best I ever heard Angelo solo. He sounded just as good (if not better) than any living or dead saxophone player I have ever heard. No shit.

BEHAVIOUR CONTROL This is the holy grail of the live Fishbone show. This song has so much energy (Ase!) that your guaranteed to exercise all your demons. Ga Ga GAGA GA GA!

SHAKEY GROUND Spacey T did a beautiful dedication to Eddie Hazel making things extra special. His guitar playing sounds so good now. He gets better and better every time I see him.

SUFFERING This was the extra slow version. Angelo's vocals are just so amazing. He has such great control over his voice. I don't why, but I feel bad when he sings this song. I feel like he's bringing on bad memories. It still such a great piece! Walt's backups are too perfect. What a combo!

ALCOHOLIC Again, another incredible song. Steward sounded better than the other times I've seen him. This was so tight. Angelo, Walt and Wood were sing together all night. Their chanting was so cool.

MA & PA Classic, that's all I can say!

IF I This was phenomenal. Their horn playing is tighter than ever. They played this for about 5 minutes, it was so cool. Walt was making the transfer from horn to singing so smooth. It was such a site!

RIOT This sounded great! So timely with all the globalization bullshit going on.

FREY'D FUCK'N NERVE ENDINGZ I've never heard this before. It was so kickass! Norwood was taking all the musicians in the audience to school on that one. He was playing in the most hardcore style. I've never seen anyone else play like that. This song was the ultimate warm-up for Wood's parts in:

BONIN' IN THE BONEYARD Again better, than ever. They were on fire! This is the last show before their final show on the tour in LA. I think they are so pumped to go home and play. If you are anywhere near LA, I urge you to see this show. You will be blown away.


LAST DAYS This was my favorite of the new songs. It sounded so fresh. If you have an open mind, you'll love this new Fishbone material. They're taking this music to a higher level.

SERVITUDE Angelo to crowd: "Who do you serve? Crowd: Fishbone Angelo Shakin' his head: "No, No! You serve money! Norwood. Ya'll done serve the Bush family. Spacey T did an insane solo at the end of this tune. They just kept vampin' on the Moroccan sounding beat (Phrygian scale?) It felt so good to hear that one.

SKANK'N go NUTZ What a great song! Hopefully everyone will here it soon. It has the nice dubbed out breakdowns.

PARTY AT GROUND ZERO What a closer! Complete with the drop the bomb / raise the roof theremin breakdown.

Songs on the set list they didn't play:DEMOND / SUNLESS LY'N ASS BITCH

Anxiously waiting for a new album & tour with Mos Def, Jon


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

There's already been some great reviews of the SF show. It was a great way to close the tour for me. Whoa, you must hear Last Days!!! I did stage dive on BCT and they wanted to kick me out but I just smiled and promised I wouldn't do it again. Then they played Pressure but I held my ground (stayed on the ground).

I don't know what they're plans are but it's possible they ...


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Fishbone & SF Dawg Pound

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