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July 18th 2020

Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura (CA)

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Oct 30 2001 @ Fletcher's Baltimore, MD

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2 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

It was a awesome show as ever. Blowfly was definitely off tha hook. I've never heard of him before until now, but he was truly funny. He has a lot of spunk for an older guy. Of course, Walt was on tha money. Everyone enjoyed his stuff. Fishbone was great. I can't remember the set list cuz I was having too much of a good time. I got a lot of pictures in fact a roll and a half. As soon as I...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

My dad and I arrived there about an hour before the show started. As usual we hung out and vibed with Fishone backstage then myself, my dad, norwood and john went around the corner to get some sushi. Later I went on the tour bus and I met blowfly,,,very cool laidback fellow indeed.

Later on, Fishbone did the sound check before the show They did "chimm chims..", "beergut"...and a couple other tunes that I cant quite recall,,,I should have posted this info that I can remember....:o) The mix was pretty good.

The fishbone performance at Fletchers was OFF THA HOOK!!!!! Fishbone underwent 3 metamorphosis:

Blowfly started around 9pm. It was a 30 min set. The interesting thing is that blowfly was backed by the members of Fishbone(Spacey T, John,Nowood,Walt) only. VERY PHAT. During Blowfly's set, Spacey T's guitarisms were ROCKING Fletcher's off of its Fo undation. Norwood's bass was funkier than ever and John's pummeling behind the skins was relentless!!! Walt's funky crazed backing vocals were cool. Blowfly's XXX humor between each song was HILARIOUS. I LOVE the rendition of "We Will Rock You" entitled " We Will Fuck You". The audience was singing along. Incredible performance!!!! I'm really glad I got the opportunity to see Blowfly live

Dirty Walt & the Columbus Sanitation(Walt backed by the bone minus Angelo) was up next. It was a 30 min set. EXTREMELY FUNKAY.

Then Came Fishbone 11:30-2am. Fishbone proved that they "WHIP THAT ASS" as the "Nuttsactor 5". I really dont miss the keyboards especially considering how TIGHT Fishbone's live musicianship is. The new songs KICK MAJOR ASS!!!!!! I cant wait for the ne w album to come out or live CD to come out. Even though Angelo and co. was in mourning of the passing away of his friend Brian, they still put on an excellent show. True soldiers indeed!! I love how cranked Spacey T's guitar was during all 3 sets. Set lis t(not in exact order):

Party at Ground Zero(1st song) Question of Life Ma and Pa Bonin in the Boneyard Beergut Pressure Freyed... Out of the city Last Days Skank n go nuts Skankin to the beat Freddies Dead Aids & Armagedon Shakey Ground I'm a Weed Plant Servitude(last song)


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Fishbone & Fletcher's

Fishbone is not scheduled to play Fletcher's anytime soon.


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