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August 22nd 2021

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Nov 02 2002 @ Aiglon Aigle, CH

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2 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

I had the chance, on Saturday evening, to see Fishbone live a second time in the same week. Hardly believed it would be possible but this show probably was even greater than the previous. The venue, l'Aiglon in Aigle was almost full but very few in the audience seemed to really know the band.

Many were friends of the first supporting act, ska band "Ska to feel" who are all afaik between 16 and 19 years old. Tho their set is pretty limited, I have to put in a word for them 'coz their lead singer's one of my best friends' sista and they're full of energy. The 2nd supporting act, "Zion's Power", I didn't hear much of, I think they were mostly reggae.

Most of the other part of the crowd was certainly made of people from 'round Aigle who attended the gig just 'coz such party only happens once in a while in their town (no offense meant to your people, Nico !). Some asked me, noticing my t-shirt, what kinda music the band was playing.

Well, Fishbone arrived on stage with such setlist :

Angelo's poem ("optimistic yes" ... the list says 'Xqz me') Nuttmeg world Chim Chim Deep inside Riot In the heet of anger Karma tsunami Ma'n'pa Lyin' ass bitch Get out of the city Shakey ground (dedicated by Spacey to Eddie Hazel) Bonin' in the boneyard Premadawnutt Skankin' to the beat Skank'n go nuttz Where'd you get those pants (Angelo got 'bout 10 girls up on stage to dance 'round) Party at ground zero (ended with a long superb Stacey solo) ----- In these last dayz Sunless Saturday ----- Demon in here Fishbone is red hot (Angelo of course came down the stage and wandered 'round the whole place tryin'? to get everybody to sing. Yet, as I said before, only few seemed to know the song)

One of the main points o'the show was when fellow soldier Nico was called on stage and the band and staff members all sang him an "happy birthday" and offered him a big cake !

Dude ! All in all, the show was over 2 hours long and was... how to say... think it could only've been better if they had asked ME to write the setlist and choose all my favorite songs ;o). Well, I left pretty tired with the "March of the Fishbone soldier" sweatshirt that was outta stock on the previous gig and am now leaving it to Nico to tell you more about the after party. Was there one ?

Peace out,


p.s. : too bad dumb me just noticed that Nov. 27 is not a Saturday, which means I won't make it to A'dam for the Euro reunion.


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

The Place : Aigle is a very small town of Switzerland(7000 people) not far from lake Geneva. It's only known because of its famous white wine.

The Venue : An old theater of 1920's with a large stage that can hold about 800 people.

Berfore the show : The boys arrived at 14h30 in their large bus. Walt and Norwood were the first to come out and began to che...


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Fishbone & Aiglon

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