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September 17th 2021

Riot Fest & Carnival
Chicago (IL)

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Nov 21 2002 @ Pitz Milton Keynes, UK

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Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Here's the skinny on the Milton Keynes gig last night. After initially having to share a bus into Derby town centre with a horde of school girls loudly debating who the best looking member of Blazin' Squad is, my journey from Derby to Wellingborough was relatively hassle free. Enter Nice Guy Mikey, my companion, sounding-board and chauffeur for the trip to MK and back.

After about forty minutes of driving down dark, unlit country roads we reached Milton Keynes. Found the venue without too much trouble (MK is an ersatz city of roundabouts and boulevards). The Woughton Centre is a Leisure facility, and the Pitz is technically a sports hall that doubles as a venue. Mike and I threaded our way through the squash players and tai kwon do participants to the bar.

We met up with Sarah, Ase and Norwood soon after that, and Sarah gave me a Nuttwork shirt and a "Bone in the USA" 1986 tour shirt. Props to her and everyone who worked on those NN shirts ... they're really striking. Sarah complained that she and Caroline (an English lady who was with the band) had gotten dressed up for the gig only to find out it was in a gym.

Anyhoo, Adequate 7's set started and we checked them out. I've been listening to the cd, and they're growing on me now that I can pick up horn lines and whatnot. I think this tour has been a really edifying experience for them. During their performance Norwood and one of the roadies (I think he's an Aussie?) were in what passes for a bar, and Sarah and Ase were playing on the fruit machine. Notin a financial sense (Ase's a bit young for that!), but Ase was really excited by the flashing lights and buttons. I suggested to Sarah that they stop off in Vegas for her on the way back to LA ;-)

But you're reading this for the Fishbone review, right? Okay, here's the setlist:

- Xquewz Me (didn't play it, instead, Angelo and John passed a joint between them and we got a fantastic "ambient" rendition of Weed Plant, complete with theramin and trippy guitar effects. I hope they release that version some time. It bore no resemblance at all to the tune of Pants, which they were able to play later in the set without any sense of repetition) - Nuttmeg World (John's drum kit fell apart during this song, but he kept on playing with half a kit!) - Swim - Beergut - Ugly - Skank n Go Nuttz - I think at this point we got Ja Ja on the telephone, while Norwood got his bass string fixed... - I Wish I Had A Date - R U Wid It - Freddie's Dead - Sunless Saturday - Primadawnutt - Karma Tsunami - Ma & Pa - Where'd You Get Those Pants (saw Sarah and Ase, and they got to witness my scary-ass electrified baboon-type dancing. Sorry ladies: it ain't pretty) - Cholly (With Fat Chicks chant)

At this point Norwood instructed all "motherfuckers dancin' at the back" to come down the front and dance. Mike and I considered ourselves duly told, so we went down the front.

- Party at Ground Zero. Damn I'm 29, I've got high cholesterol, liver damage and a beergut. Did they expect me to get my crazy electrified primate dance on throughout all that song? Even when they did an extended version? Why, yes, yes they did. I managed it, just. Aching this morning ;-)

Fishbone has left the building. We clapped and hollered. Sarah let Ase out on the stage to say hello. She was okay at first, but I guess the combination of the noise, the lights and the late hour got a bit too much, and she went all Halle Berry Oscar speech on us, so went back to Mommy for a hug.

Suddenly (who woulda thunk it?) they guys were back.

The setlist had Last Dayz, Bonin', Demon and Red Hot. We got Last Dayz and Red Hot. I was glad of the slow bits in LD for the chance to catch my breath.

Straight after the show, all the guys except Spacey came out to talk to people. I thanked Sarah for the T's, told Walt about his CNN appearance (he was really surprised), said hi and thanks to Angelo, and Mike chatted with John about drumming (Mike's a drummer in a local indie band called Dinsdale). We spoke to some other fans (one of whom had been waiting 15 years to see them, and had missed them at the Newcastle show). They were so stoked to have seen them. I suggested ways of finding out about the Dutch shows, ?cos they wanted to go to them.

The turnout for the show wasn't great ... maybe 80 or so? ... but there was a very positive response to the gig. Low numbers didn't faze the band, though: still 100% commitment, energy and showmanship. "Hey, we were just practising," said John when Mike talked to him about it.

Once again, a fantastic gig.



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