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July 18th 2020

Ventura County Fairgrounds
Ventura (CA)

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Nov 26 2002 @ Doornroosje Nijmegen, NL

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2 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

I've just come in from Nijmegen, drove through the thickest fog I've seen for a while. I hope everyone made it home in one piece, especially Sarah, Norwood and Dion, since where they are going there aren't too many trees to block some of the fog.

On to the show.

This has been the show with the best audience responce I've seen in years. After the first en...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Sorry Joop, first my account on the Nijmegen gig if that's allright.... Well, that was for me the best show of FB I saw from the euro tour. Allthough Angelo was indeed a little on auto-pilot, they were having a damn good time on stage and shared a lot of laughs and fun together. First things first, we arrived at 6 or something with our bus and saw the FB-bus, but then again a lot of police and ambulances. As we found the band, they told us that Angelo was getting something from the bus, put open the lid or something, and a biker snashed his head right in the lid, cut open his head from front to back, and was knockout for 15 minutes. I talked to Angelo, and he was pretty shaken by the accident. They were doing their soundcheck ( and I was already skankin, damn those soundchecks alone rock tight!!!!) when the police came in and Angelo had to leave to give some statements. So that was the end of the soundcheck. Then I talked to Walter a bit, who was as nice and funny and cool as tall he was (for me then). He came to see our soundcheck and told me he thought it was some powerful shit, which made me feel really good, I mean, coming from my favorite band... OK, we did our gig, and indeed the audience in Nijmegen was really into dancing (at least more than Haarlem) so I can imagine that's why we were more energetic. Then FB: we were backstage, and Angelo went on stage to as Walter said as a joke: "share his wisdom with the audience". I hurried up front, and was just in time to see John going bla bla bla with his hand to Angelo with a big smile on his face. Anyway, they rocked, I mean, they really rocked, it was amazing, it was FB, but then again, even tighter. I especially liked the everyday sunshine funk version. Anyway, Arno already gave you the setlist. Met Arno up front which was really cool to finally meet him, and met Sarah as well. After the show, Angelo was pretty fucked up, his knee was hurting so bad, he couldn't smile no more, and was just drinking Tequila. I told him to see a docter, but he said he didn't have time. Talked to Walter a bit more (I don't know why exactly, i guess because he's the trumpetplayer as I am, I mean our drummer was talking to John), told him about CNN, which he thought was real funny, and talked to Spacey about the mailinglist, and he said he didn't have the time to check it out, but he wanted to say to everybody we had to keep up the works and that he appreciated it a lot. I guess I forget a lot more, but this was roughly a sketch of one of the best evenings I had....... See y'all!!!!! jens (slip)


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