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March 21st 2020

Rock'N MMA
San Bernardino (CA)

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Oct 12 2003 @ Don Hill's New York City, NY

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2 reviews
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At 11:00pm, King's X took to the stage and began their funk-rock set. "Believe" (from the album MANIC MOONLIGHT) was great with an electrifying guitar solo by Ty Tabor and some inspirational words about self-confidence by Doug Pinnick! They performed tracks from the new album BLACK LIKE SUNDAY, like "Finished", "Black Like Sunday", "Screamer" (featuring some monstrous drumming by Jerry Gaskill), a...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

uuuuuuugh. My fingers can't catch up to my brain. Unfortunatly when I called in sick DOmino's didn't fire me so I still have job. I see what you guys were saying about this club, it was just awkward. It seemed like you couldn't turn around or go anywhere without bumping into someone's ex-husband. The sound and mix was pretty decent tho. Finally after Kings X, about 20% of these fuckers got out of the way and we moved up. We were pretty bitter by this point, even more than NY usually makes us. Fishbone started at 1am, after the god-awful misuse of sound by 4 other bands. Angelo DJ-ed between each set and I gave him a silver adhesive star which he wore between his eyes. After reading the other setlists you all posted I wondered what happened to BCTechnician, and to my pleasure they opened with this track. Nice. THis was folowed by Sunless and the crowd went mental. Angelo looked like he was suprised by the energy and we proceeded to rock. At this point the crowd was really cool. You could get a rough skank going without much football playing. The only other set list non regulars were "I wish I had a date" and "Swim" ( I told my friend that "scientists are still trying to determine weather this is a good song") The 2 newbies I brought were floored by this show. Unfortunatly half way through, 3 individuals of unfashionable form climbed the staris and proceeded to 'shake their booties' repitiously on the front edge of the stage. They seemed to have an attidude of "god! I remember these songs so much, let me show everyone". Picture a dude and 2 40 year-old women in tight jeans looking no better than Ren and Stimpy. This personally offended me as my two friends seeing the band for the first time ($35) saw these dumasses in front of Fishbone! I actually got security to remove one of the girls. The 3 of them ended back up there with random bickering from everyone behind them. I finally got pissed enough to get them each down by one on one discussion. Anyway, Lyin Ass Bitch seems to be evolving a lot. Many positive changes. After the decication part they seemed to jump into a new piece reminicent of old Metallica this really excited the crowd, but after a minute they switched it to the finale' of "Lyin'". Everyone looked and played in top form although Norwood seemed really tired and ragged. The band tho was very tight and seemed happy with itsself. But..... when introducing "Ma and Pa", Angelo bitterly said "Krankin out all the hits" as if it were against his will. Norwood scowled. After speaking to one band member I could tell there probably is cause for alarm, though no details were revealed. I would humbily assume that they could use imeadiate hook-up rations of some kind. They probably didn't make too much dough tonight between the 5 bands. They finished strongly with "Party". After the show we were bushed so I quickly told Angelo that "I hate everything except for alcohol and you" and pointed out that my star was still on his head. He was suprised:"What the fuck, I didn't sweat this off!" So where were you guys? I had the black Fishbone T, and ninja-like brown hair. a brighter tomorrow, Rob


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Fishbone & Don Hill's

Fishbone played already at Don Hill's once.
>May 12, 2003Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9Rating : 9 15 photosNo video has yet been linked.No review has yet been submitted.The setlist has not yet been submitted.No recording has yet been submitted.14 'hoodsters in attendance
Fishbone is not scheduled to play Don Hill's anytime soon.


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