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August 22nd 2020

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Aug 01 2005 @ Paradiso Amsterdam, NL

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
John Steward (d)
John McKnight (key, tb, eg, v)
Rocky George (eg)
Dre Gipson (key, v)
Curtis Storey Jr. (t, v)


1. They All Have Abandoned Their Hopes
2. Hide Behind my Glasses
3. Everyday Sunshine
4. Ugly
5. Face Plant (Scorpion Back Pinch)
6. Subliminal Fascism
7. Freddie's Dead
8. The Suffering
9. Cheyenne Star Forever Moore
10. Lyin' Ass Bitch
11. Ma & Pa
12. Karma Tsunami
13. Premadawnutt
14. Sunless Saturday
15. Servitude
16. Unyielding Conditioning
17. Alcoholic
18. Party At Ground Zero


42 photos

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© Marie de Conde

© Marie de Conde

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© Marie de Conde
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6 reviews
Review by Deadfreddy on Aug 02 2005 

Great show. This was the first time i saw them again in over 15 years. Angelo still has the intensity. I liked the newer bandmembers. great drummer. My wife saw them live for the first time and really liked it. Angelo walked into the public a few times and got the crowd going. Party at ground zero and sunless saturdays were favorites for me. They played al lot of the old stuff. My ears are still ...


Review by Arno on Aug 02 2005 

I had a splendid time. Denis and Arne came from Belgium (and I was very embarassed to have to show them bars close at 12 in Amsterdam, even in the summer holiday tourist season), some friends came over (including 2 lady fishbone virgins, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves). Also, Marie from the forum was there.

We came to the venue around 21:10, missing wolfu...


Review by Arne on Aug 02 2005 

Hi all,

it was a short night and already a long day at work, but here is my review...

After a way too long drive to Amsterdam (ca.4h instead of the expected 2-2.5h) due to an accident just before entering Amsterdam, I finally ended up at Arno's place (must have been 20h25)... As we were already late we splitted up cab sharing and cycling to the Paradiso where we were just too late/just in time for Fishbone... The paradiso is a nice venue (I estimate a 500-700 people capacity ex/including balcony) and was quite nicely filled (not packed, but a good crowd). Imho Fishbone started quite lame (influence of the Amsterdam warez???), but it got better by everyday (with Angelo in the crowd trying and succeeding to ignite the crowd...) with a first succesful ska/mosh pit for ugly... from then on, I found the show very enjoyable, although I did not like the mix very much... Rocky was way too low in the mix (you could barely hear him - except for some solos)...and I found Norwoord a little bit too high in the mix (esp. with respect to Rocky)... Furthermore, I found there were some problems now and then with the mics as well (angelo voice-vs saxophone mic)... and also Dre Gipson-voice was a little bit low in the mix... But all in all, I found it very enjoyable...In my opinion: ma&pa got a new up-tempo intro? John was amazing on Servitude (staying on stage drumming solo after all others had left the stage)... I found it a pity that the guitar was so low on Servitude as it would have added a finishing touch to the performance... Another fun moment: Curtiss soloing his trumpet during Servitude (doing some kind of Parkinson-style trumpet soloing). McNutt's guitar playing on sunless was also interesting (stolen from Tori? ;-) ). After the show we met up with Brian, Wet Daddy, McNutt and Laurent (Wolfundkind - Ter a Terre (?))... also quickly spoke to Norwood, Rocky, Angelo and Dre (didn't see Curtiss)... Also seen at this show: Marie de Cond? and ....not Jens (from the Solid Rocket Boosters)... We didn't see Joop (where were you?)

After, we started a search for another beer in Amsterdam: after 5 pubs, we finally found one which granted us another 13 minutes to finish our drink ;-) It didn't last very long before we ended up back at Arno's place for another beer and a some more direct-after-show-reviews-reflections... Got home by 4h30 in the morning, got to bed by 5h00, could not sleep (too much caffeine from the red bulls to keep me awake while driving) and got up at 8h00 for work... Feeling more than satisfied.... Thank you guys for another very enjoyable night!

See you on friday!

To Arno (and the souljahs going to Le Nouveau Casino): have a lot of fun in Paris!!!

Best regards,


PS: the setlist is missing Alcoholic as the second song during the "Encore"


Review by Marie de Condé on Aug 05 2005 


I liked the gig. I must admit I was more busy taking pictures than listening to the gig. Shame on me. Nevertheless it was a pleasure to meet other fans. Especially our "Denis national".

Review by Gaberionel on Aug 06 2005 

Thank you very much for this show, there are people who go to the church and others to Fishbone, I am of them second ones, after this, they feel more Life again which sometimes seems to disappear in this "holy shit" we have to see every day at every place.

I saw you before in Germany two times in Prime Club and in Dusseldorf, where you played a so hard sound that the Police c...


Review by Denis on Sep 01 2005 

This was a perfect way to start my holidays !

Despite a 2 hours traffic jam just at the entrance of Amsterdam, and getting lost in A'dam for good measure, which made me miss Wolfunkind, I met up with Arno and his friends + Arne who was as gifted as i was re: traffic. It might sound a bit silly, but i just find it incredible to have been able to make good friends like them ov...


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