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August 22nd 2020

So-Cal Hoedown
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Apr 08 2007 @ The Great Escape Festival Sidney, AU

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
John Steward (d)
John McKnight (key, tb, eg, v)
Rocky George (eg)
Dre Gipson (key, v)
Curtis Storey Jr. (t, v)


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2 reviews
Review by McBONE on May 01 2007 

It had been 11 years since I last saw the BONE, and they are still hands down the best live band on the planet! Period!!! Luke warm Chili Peppers, FISHBONE ARE RED HOT!

Review by G-Bone on May 07 2007 

Firstly a word of praise to the organises of this event. As far as outdoor live festivals go, The Great Escape 2007 has to be hands down the best sounding I have ever been to. All the bands on the day sounded great and Fishbone were no exception, although it seems that Rocky just doesn't get the mix he deserves. I was up the front getting more stage sound than front of house, further back I was told sounded better.

Before Fishbone were set to play, with the grace and poise of a big cat walking out of the African night, I spotted Angelo moving through the crowd of mostly young, shabbily dressed Australian citizens out for a good time. Most were oblivious to the royalty that was brushing shoulders with them. He was clothed in the most pure white African/Arab caftan robe with a matching white pork pie hat. A striking figure was he, a hero that I had to greet and embrace. We divulged in idol chit chat about everything and nothing; what he does in his free time on tour and his daughters birthday on the 20th of April. She?s turning 11. He responded with warmth and took my compliments to heart. He was armed with a back pack of Dr. Madd Vibe merch, I purchase a beautiful T-shirt with a cartoon image of the Good Doctor on it, unfortunately at that point I couldn't take his comics or cds as I had no way to carry them and I wanted to be a free and unrestrained to skank like a muthaphuka when my 10 year wait came to an end and Fishbone were performing in front of me. He totally understood my situation but I felt a sense of guilt. He then told me he wanted to find a roller coaster or ride that would give him a buzz and I pointed to something that looked like a 1960's funfair nightmare and he made a beeline for it. I minded his hat and back pack while he rushed from the front seat of this ship like contraption that was obviously going to spin a full 360 degrees up side down. Back and forward it swung and all I could see was Angelo's child like grin as white as his outfit. That smile got bigger and bigger as this thing swung around. I saw the child in the man, the joy of the thrill and it was a wonderful sight to behold. The smile then turn to laughter as he went round and up side down; faster and faster. Then it was over, the thing came to a stop and he jumped out of his seat exclaiming, "BOY DID I NEED THAT!". He then had to quickly get to the merch stand to unload his goods so I said my fair well and made my way to the Riverside Stage where the mighty Fishbone were set to play in under half an hour.

It was about 7:30pm and the sun had set. The group of Aussie diehard Bone fans waiting in front of the stage was like meeting long lost family I had never met and we exchanged our stories and experiences. It was a series of righteous moments. Slowly, the scantly populated dance floor began to fill as members of Fishbone sound checked their instruments. Then it began.

Angelo started with the "Rock Star" spoken work, similar the begining of "Live In Amsterdam" minus the musical backing. It seemed more powerful without the jam behind him with all his words audible. The crowd began to grow and a light drizzle began to fall from the sky but no one cared. All of a sudden some old skool jazz was being busted out with Norwood flowing some walking bass, Wet Daddy swinging away on the kit, Rocky striking some clean chords, Dre was nowhere in the mix at this time and McNutt and Big C were preparing their horns. The crowd was getting to a healthy size by this stage. Then I'll never forget when the three part horn explosion began......melody and class, something from the past but total new, Fishbone swung like a big band from the 1920's. That's when people started rushing towards the Riverside Stage from other parts of the festival. The moment had arrived and virgins were open to being deflowered while diehards grinned knowingly with "I told you so" written all over our faces. It didn't seem like people had to try to catch on as the highlight of the festival had begun. With conclusion to the intro instrumental, there was a hyped and willing audience. My heart was bursting.

"Bonin' In The Boneyard" embraced everyone, the party had begun and Fishbone owned everyones attention. Wood's bass was tight and precise in tone, he was in the mix baby! That was the way it was for the rest of the show. Sweet! Before I go any further, Fishbone have a horn section now that it has NEVER had. A three piece always blowing and "Bonin" has never sounded more full and rich on the brass. TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT!

"Give it Up!" screams Angelo and thus that song from "In Your Face" began. Wow, the chorus has five part harmonies and it sounds like more soul than Fishbone I've ever heard. That tune was over as quicky as it came......time was rushing by but I was stoked with everything.

Sadly Rocky was down in the mix but his stage presence envoked a sence of love, respect and affection. This is where my memory of set list gets fuzzy but our good mate to the Fishbone Forum: Grhys was there and grabbed a set list at the end of the show so a correct order will come from him.

I think the next tune was "Faceplant Scorpion Backpinch"....let's just say it is for now. This song was beautifully introduced by John Steward who's voice sounded like years of hard liquor, cheap cigars and yelling at naughty kids croaked comically away while he described what a Facepant Scorpion Backpinch was. Snowboard story, you know the drill....This song made far more sence live than on the studio version on the album. The highlight here was Rocky Georges solo, his half grin, half grimace whilst shredding is priceless. Rocky need no introduction as it seems there was plenty of people screaming his name during his carving of notes. Still, his mix was not very generous but everyone could see what his fingers were doing and we all put two and two together: Rocky's a Bad Ass!

Don't qoute me but I think "The Suffering" was next up. Angelo began the " was legal, we was two happy people" poem. After Angelo finished the very well recieved speal on the joys of marriage, McKnight got on the keys and Dre Gipson took the mic to sing some reggae cum ragga muffin vocals. Bang! The band stopped and the main horn hook of "The Suffering" cut through the moist air. It was during this song I thank God I was alive to see this song performed so well live and again, Fishbone beefed up horn section and full vocal harmonies made this new line up go to a new level of sonic pleasure. It just sounds so full. McNutt's trombone solo was great, he obvoiusly wasn't getting the volume on stage (it was sweet front of house) so to get that extra mile, he forced the trombone to deep throat the mic. This man is a freak, a multi talented instrument merchant. Rocky's solo was highlighted with the magnificent vocal harmonies of Dre, Angelo, McNight and Curtis all crooning "We've got Rocky George Baby". Extending the solo from the album take, his lightening fast sweeps and finger tapping was finally in the mix and you could help feelin? love for the man. On conclusion, the crowd erupted. Guessing there was 50 to 1 virgins to fans, Fishbone had arrived and everyone was taking every inch.

Somewhere during the set Angelo began cartwheeling and commando rolling without missing a beat, singing all the while. Even the rain that was making the stage slippery didn't stop him from his gymnastic stage show with him slipping within dangerous inches of other members and objects on the stage.

Norwood's words connecting the relationship between George Bush and Bin Lardin got everyone laughing, mainly because his timing and voice is just comical. "Pary At Saddam" live with additional horn parts such as Angelo playing the keyboard melody on saprano sax is tons more improved than the album take. This song sounded like an old classic. Oh the horns are just SO DAMN GOOD! I think Dre spent some time surfing the crowd on this one. Either way, Angelo and Dre were in the audience at leat six times during the set. It seemed like everyone wanted to get their touch of the fells.

"Freddies Dead". I've heard this song so many times over the years that I am numb to it from over exposure....not tonight. It was the highlight of the set in my opinion. McKnight gets on guitar, Rocky is in the mix, Norwood is cranked, the riff was king and crunchy. Angelo sung pitch perfect and the crowd went to town on this one. The ska and funk had played a part mainly at this point but now the virgins realised that rock had a home here and it seemed like the colour of the bands skin made this moment all the more sweet for some opened Australian minds. I especially loved how Norwood drops the riff for time to time of the low B of his 5 string and it cuts through making it heavier and nastier.

Angelo made us all think of the homeless people of the world and gave us a moment to pause and think about our own comfort. He asked if anyone here was living in the street. When some people put there hands up he screamed, "I'm serious! Is there anyone out there homeless?" and the hands went down. My favourite track off "Still Stuck In Your Throat" is "Behind Closed Doors" and live it communicates like the best moments off "Reality Of My Surroundings". Folks, horns just don't get better than this. There was plenty of horns in other bands at this festival but Fishbone was giving the lessons in the brass factor and the look in peoples eyes gave that away. I think Dre ended up gliding over peoples head on this one too. The general vibe is that this song is a mover and it speaks volumes lyrically too.

At some point it started raining but there was some much heat coming off the crowd that it was turning to steam. This also ment that when Angelos's physical extremes pushed his body temperture to burning point, his head and shoulders were giving off steaming vapour. I hope someone caught a photograph of that as it was priceless. There were cameras rolling the whole gig, stills and motion, so hopefully the burning Dr will be caught forever moore.

"Ma and Pa" seemed to be known by everyone or maybe it was the fact that this song is just hard to not enjoy. Let?s dance!

Angelo announced with much disappointment that the signals had been give to wind up so the set was cut short, but the joy had been felt and the job had already been done. I also knew that I was going to see them the following night at The Metro Theatre where I suspected a full set. (They gave us 3 hours thank you very much!) Angelo looked to Norwood and Wood yelled "Date Rape and Hoes!". Some how that ment through in "Alcoolic" aswell. I never overly dug that song but in the heat of the moment is was superb. Quicky followed was the cover and it was obvious their were a whole lot of people who knew the original because this seemed to fire a frenzie of skanking and a sing along.

By this time all I'm feeling is that the connection between Fishbone and it's audience is perminant and the quality of their entertainment is recieved. Fans or strangers to the band were just enjoying everything that was being dished out. Finally "Let De Hoes Fight" berwildered some and amazed others. Ragga Metal Punk is one way to describe it, Rocky was down in the mix again but Norwood's low register was cutting out the groove. A funny moment arose when Norwood unplugged himself towards the end and finally I heard Rocky's low lowed guitar crunch. Angelo stated that there was a filmclip just freshly cut for this song so I take it that it will be the first single of "SSIYT".

Then that was it, the band said their thanks, waved and then were gone. A job more than well done, what more to say. An extremely energised crowd left the space before the Riverside Stage to either go home with a high or catch whatever remained of The Roots set. Grhys, his loverly girl Erica (who took some absolutly sensational shots) and me went to the official merchandice tent where Angelo said the band may end up after the gig to sign things but they didn't make it. They were probably getting a well deserved rest and some rehydration. No sweat, we'll catch them at The Metro tomorrow night!

I walked to my car with my ears ringing, a bit of a limp and heart full of joy!


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Fishbone & The Great Escape Festival

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