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August 22nd 2021

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Jun 22 2014 @ Niagara River Rocks North Tonawanda, NY

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On Stage


1. Party At Ground Zero
2. Ugly
3. Lyin' Ass Bitch
4. I Wish I Had a Date
5. The Suffering
6. Everyday Sunshine
7. Whipper Snapper
8. Skankin' to the Beat
9. Ma & Pa
10. Give it Up
11. Let Dem Ho's Fight
12. Freddie's Dead
13. Cholly with Bustin' Loose intro
14. Crazy Glue
15. Alcoholic
16. Kung Fu Grip
17. Bonin' in the Boneyard


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Title:Fishbone - Live at Niagara River Rocks
Description:Fishbone live at Gratwick Park Niagara River Rocks 6/22/14
Published:Jun 23 2014 05:59:35
Title:Fishbone - skankin to the beat - live 6/22/14
Description:Fishbone performs - Skankin to the beat live at Gratwick Park 6/22/14
Published:Jun 23 2014 05:39:28
Title:Fishbone - UGLY - Live 6/22/14
Description:Fishbone performs - UGLY live at Gratwick Park
Published:Jun 23 2014 05:30:48
Title:Fishbone at north tonawanda NY.
Description:Opened for primus 6-22
Published:Jun 23 2014 09:46:19


1 review
Review by Draino91 on Jun 24 2014 

I had see Fishbone two years ealier at the Hard Rock in Veags with Primus and the show , I felt was much better this time around.

 This place had a great vibe, maybe because it was outdoors and along a river. Plus it was a beautiful day. Fishbone sounded better then ever. Angelo is an amazing frontman and it showed that day. The sound was a little distored at first and that was soon fixed and it easily turned into one of the best performances i have seen by them! We got a good hour or so of the Fishbone library from top to botton, including Suicidal Tendencies "instatutionalized" teazer during Alcholic. It was aewsome to see Rocky George shredding the guitar to it while Norwood played the main riff on bass.

This show renewed my thoughts and enthusiasm that Fishbone is the one of the best bands out there!

Great show guys!



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Fishbone & Niagara River Rocks

Fishbone is not scheduled to play Niagara River Rocks anytime soon.


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