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April 26th 2018

Party on the Plaza @Avenida Houston
Houston (TX)

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Apr 01 2017 @ Bottom Lounge Chicago , IL

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
Walter Kibby III (v, t)
Philip Fisher (d)
John Bigham (eg, g, key, v)
Rocky George (eg)
Jay Armant (tb, v)
Paul Hampton (key, v)


2. Unyielding Conditioning
3. Pray to the Junkiemaker
4. Knock It
5. Freddie's Dead
6. Swim
7. Intro
8. Chim Chim's Badass Revenge
9. In The Cube
10. Beergut
11. Psychologically Overcast
12. Alcoholic
13. Love...Hate
14. Riot
15. Monkey Dick
16. Sourpuss
17. Rock Star
18. Pre Nut
19. Nutmeg
20. Fishy Swa Ska
21. Ma & Pa
22. Skankin' to the Beat
23. Party At Ground Zero


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7 videos
Title:Fishbone at Bottom Lounge "Freddie's Dead"
Author:Carrie A Bour
Description:04.01.2017 with Walter, Autumn and Joseph
Published:Apr 17 2017 04:59:45
Title:Fishbone at Bottom Lounge 04.01.2017
Author:Carrie A Bour
Description:Chicago. With Walter, Autumn and Joseph
Published:Apr 17 2017 05:05:14
Title:Fishbone at Bottom Lounge, Chicago
Author:Carrie A Bour
Description:04.01.2017 with Walter, Autumn and Joseph
Published:Apr 17 2017 04:57:49
Title:Fishbone Chicago 4/1/17
Author:Edward Pitts
Published:Apr 02 2017 06:56:55
Title:Fishbone - "Swim" (Live) Chicago, IL 4/1/2017
Author:Ian XxInsertnameherexX
Published:Apr 02 2017 09:32:05
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1 review
Review by Primadawnutt on Apr 03 2017 

Forever a fool for Fishbone!

Allow me to reassure you, Fishbone was not foolin' around in Chicago on April Fool's night 2017! 


First of all before I forget, I would like to commend the venue management for excellent sound and support! It was my first time at this location and it was an occasion that I will take to my grave, THANK YOU! Also, SKAPONE was a very nice warm-up that I would not neglect seeing in the future. Downtown Brown in contrast I have seen before and for me their comic bits don't hold up well over multiple views.


I have been commuting to Chicago for Fishbone shows for over 16 years and this show would have to be my favorite Chicago show if not favorite of ALL TIME! As I've come accustomed to seeing the same old Chicago faces at these shows, I was not surprised to see a full house of all the friendly and joyous mugs! The crowd was fully engorged keeping even the largest flying fishes up top (yeah I'm talking' to you +250 brutha!) ; ) Again as usual sooo many soldiers sang along to every word, punctuating Walter's every 'call&response' confirming the high level of Chicago's Knuttmeg Knowledge! 


I have SO valued Wet Daddy's contributions to Fishbone as a percussionist and all around lovable guy from my very first Fishbone show! DUDE YOU HAVE BEEN AN ANCHOR!! Where has he gone? I have not heard of the circumstances in which John has left the band? YOU WILL BE MISSED MY FRIEND!!


When a band is forged, the individual players meld to form a unique alloy. When a foundational member leaves the band it then becomes an entirely different animal! I should have guessed what the return of Philip 'Fish' Fisher would mean to Fishbone's sound and hell it's SOUL. Seeing Fishbone live for the first time in 2001 and never seeing the band with Fish or JB, can you old schooler's really blame me for being blind-sided? OH MY GOD the sublime fills! OH MY GOD the double-base! OH MY GOD the fullness of sound having JB playing again! I didn't know how long this lineup would last so I had to call off sick to make the 5hr drive! I AM SO GLAD I DID!!

From the ground floor of my soul, thank you Chicago and THANK YOU FISHBONE!! 


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Fishbone & Bottom Lounge

Fishbone played already at Bottom Lounge once.
>December 10, 2011Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10 5 photos7 videos1 reviewAn ordered setlist was submittedNo recording has yet been submitted.7 'hoodsters in attendance
Fishbone is not scheduled to play Bottom Lounge anytime soon.


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