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October 26th 2019

The Moto Beach Classic
Huntington Beach (CA)

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Location :Illinois
Fishbone Soldier since :1995


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22 Nov 2008Subterranean Chicago (IL)Rating : 8Rating : 8Rating : 8Rating : 8Rating : 8Rating : 8Rating : 8Rating : 8Rating : 8Rating : 8 14 photos1 video2 reviewsAn ordered setlist was submittedNo recording has yet been submitted.4 'hoodsters in attendance


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Subterranean (IL) - 22 Nov 2008 [review written 23 Nov 2008] new

second show for me. good up until the subterranean strapped on their vaginas and kicked us out without letting yall do the encores! i want some changes! haha

i got the setlist actually, that lady ran on stage and grabbed me the other one. i took the video too and i got some sweet pics.  

thanks for the music



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