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August 22nd 2021

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Location :Vermont
Fishbone Soldier since :1988


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01 Jul 2012Montreal Jazz Fest MontrĂ©al (QC)Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10 2 photos1 video2 reviewsThe setlist has not yet been submitted.No recording has yet been submitted.2 'hoodsters in attendance


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Club Metronome (VT) - 02 Jul 2012 [review written 13 Jul 2012] new

I actually wasn't at this gig - even though it was in my home state of Vermont - as I saw them the night before in Montreal and wasn't able to go.

That said, y'all should check out this great audio feature on the band - including a great interview with Norwood - in the Burlington weekly newspaper Seven Days:



Montreal Jazz Fest (QC) - 01 Jul 2012 [review written 13 Jul 2012] new

"Montreal - I Like That Shit"

Fishbone totally fuckin' killed it! Such a great show, and to a packed house - on Canada Day, no less - that was loving every minute of it. The band electrified the wildly enthusiastic throng until well past 1 a.m. at the somewhat cavernous Society for Arts and Technology (a relatively new Jazz Fest venue, I believe). Drenched in sweat after the ins...


Northeast Kingdom Music Festival (VT) - 04 Aug 2007 [review written 11 Aug 2007] new

I hadn't seen Fishbone since 2003, and I thought this show was off the hook! The band is possibly tighter than I've ever seen them (first show: SUNY Albany in 1988), and I was really impressed with the new lineup (it was Fernando on trumpet, I believe). Yeah, the Vermont crowd probably wasn't the greatest, but it's an awesome festival and was a great space for Fishbone to do their thang. I got som...



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