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August 22nd 2020

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Title:Fishbone Live on Big World Cafe UK TV show
Description:Untouchable live! Fishbone will always be RED HOT!
Published:Aug 19 2012 05:53:58
Title:Fishbone live!!! Channel 4 UK TV 1989
Author:Norris Karloff
Description:Sorry...sound and visuals not great. Old VHS again..... I saw Fishbone play in the '80s at The Astoria,London. Ranks as one of the greatest, most anarchic gigs I have ever attended.
Published:Oct 31 2014 09:40:26
Title:Party at ground zero - fishbone Sept 16 Chicago riot fest
Author:Bob Irby
Description:Party at ground zero - fishbone Sept 16 Chicago riot fest
Published:Sep 17 2017 03:45:08
Title:Fishbone - Ma and Pa - Live - Riot Fest - Chicago, IL - 9/16/17
Author:The Gnars Volta
Published:Sep 19 2017 07:54:35
Title:Fishbone Riotfest 2017
Description:Fishbone Played a Great Set
Published:Sep 22 2017 10:23:26
Title:Fishbone - Party at Ground Zero (Riot Fest Chicago - 9/16/2017)
Description:If you ever have the chance to see this band live, DO IT! This is my second time seeing them at Riot Fest! They always put on an awesome show!
Published:Sep 23 2017 09:13:12
Title:Fishbone: Freddies Dead: Riot Fest 2017
Author:EAV Rudio
Published:Sep 17 2017 04:38:38
Title:Fishbone: One Day (Live Chicago Riot Fest 09/16/2017)
Author:Tyler King
Description:Fishbone performing "One Day" at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL on September 16 2017
Published:Sep 17 2017 06:29:35
Title:Fishbone: Ma And Pa (Live Chicago Riot Fest 09/16/2017)
Author:Tyler King
Description:Fishbone performing "Ma And Pa" at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL on September 16 2017
Published:Sep 17 2017 05:34:16
Title:Fishbone: Deep Inside: Riot Fest 2017
Author:EAV Rudio
Published:Sep 17 2017 04:44:31
Title:Fishbone: Slow Bus Movin': Riot Fest 2017
Author:EAV Rudio
Published:Sep 17 2017 04:52:27
Title:Fishbone: Subliminal Fascism: Riot Fest 2017
Author:EAV Rudio
Published:Sep 17 2017 04:54:36
Title:FISHBONE - "Change/"Party At Ground Zero" Riot Fest 2017
Author:Dave Blevins
Description:Sep 16, 2017 - Douglas Park Chicago, IL
Published:Sep 22 2017 08:18:22
Title:Fishbone, "Bonin' in the Boneyard", Riot Fest Chicago, 2017
Author:Deb Clark
Description:Fishbone performs "Bonin' in the Boneyard" at Riot Fest, Chicago, 2017
Published:Sep 17 2017 04:59:41
Title:Fishbone: Pouring Rain (Live Chicago Riot Fest 09/16/2017)
Author:Tyler King
Description:Fishbone performing "Pouring Rain" at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL on September 16 2017
Published:Sep 17 2017 06:11:59
Title:Fishbone: Change (Live Chicago Riot Fest 09/16/2017)
Author:Tyler King
Description:Fishbone performing "Change" at Riot Fest in Chicago, IL on September 16 2017
Published:Sep 17 2017 06:40:41
Title:Fishbone - "One Day" Riot Fest 9/16/17
Description:Great day for live music in Chicago! I read on this is the first time Fishbone have performed this since 1989. Enjoy!
Published:Sep 17 2017 08:43:59
Title:Fishbone - "Alcoholic" @ Riot Fest 2017 Chicago, Live HQ
Author:Rick Dalberg
Description:Los Angeles band Fishbone performs Alcoholic at Riot Fest In Chicago, Illinois 09/16/2017, Live HQ Check out Party at Ground Zero, Jamaican Ska, Ma & Pa, Sunless Saturday 2017 Tour/Festivals - Kaaboo, Rialto, Maquee, Sunshine, Bomb Factory, Cain's Ballroom, Slowdown, First Avenue, Green Bay, Barrymore
Published:Sep 19 2017 03:20:51
Title:Earth Day Concert April 25, 1992 Foxboro Stadium, MA - backstage
Description:News reports on the rainy day Earth Day Concert held April 25, 1992, at Foxboro Stadium in MA, with clips of Midnight Oil, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, the Kinks, Violent Femmes, Joan Baez, Fishbone, and more. BetaGems are culled from an archive of over 1000 beta video tapes recorded from 1983 into the 1990s. Most feature live music performances broadcast on television in San Diego CA, though there are also rarely seen commercials, comedy clips, old TV news segments, made-for-TV movies and documentaries, religious programming, variety shows, talk show interviews, and other material that doesn't seem to be anywhere else on Youtube or online. Most of the tapes were recorded on a Sony SL-HFT7 Super Beta Theater Hi-Fi Stereo - the same model was refurbished and is being used for these digital transfers and uploads. In rare occasions where a BetaGems clip does appear elsewhere, we're only uploading if our own beta master is better quality or contains material not seen previously. Much footage comes from public television and public access broadcasts that the taper, who worked for a local cable TV production company in the 1980s, monitored nightly for several years. Some of the programming is strictly regional, mostly from the San Diego area.
Published:Dec 25 2018 05:29:10
Title:Fishbone part 2 pine knob
Author:Kristopher Loviska
Published:Dec 08 2018 09:33:21
Title:FISHBONE Live at Pine Knob August 8, 2000 Part 1
Author:Kristopher Loviska
Description:Fishbone touring as the opening act for Stone Temple Pilots and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Part 1 New to uploads. Need to figure out how to do whole show as one video SETLIST Shakey Ground The Suffering Aids & Armageddon Just Allow Sunless Saturday Party at Ground Zero
Published:Dec 08 2018 08:46:19
Title:Act UP Concert MTV News Segment Apr 04 1992 RHCP Fishbone
Description:News segment from the Hollywood Palladium.....Includes interview and performance footage from Red Hot Chili Peppers/Fishbone/Primus/Porno For Pyros(Band Debut)/Beastie Boys/Rollins Band....and Magic Johnson
Published:Sep 06 2018 12:01:47
Title:Fishbone - I Hide Behind My Glasses
Author:Warren Harkins
Description:The opening number from Fishbone's performance on Friday, August 31, 2018, at Club Novo in Los Angeles, as they opened for George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic. Cab Calloway is smiling down... ;)
Published:Sep 05 2018 08:14:55
Title:Fishbone August 2, 2014
Author:Natalie Ralston
Description:Fishbone @ Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas on May 10, 2014. -Bonin' in the Boneyard-
Published:Aug 03 2014 03:35:42
Title:Fishbone - Unyielding Conditioning - 29/10/06 - Le Forum - Vauréal
Published:Mar 05 2015 06:59:58


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