Ohh Alcoholic
Ohh real good liquor
Ohh make you clumsy
Ohh make you throw up Pop had a party at the house one night 
on the last day of school and the food is all right. 
We had a speaker on the roof and a speaker on the hill 
with four turntables and a reel to reel.  
All the pretty women came, no ugly chicks 
all the stars came from the Ritz.
The people eat the chicken 
and they drink up all the liquor 
and they turn into a big 
Screwdriver uncle is a 'Holic' 
and he down a pound of Whiskey!  
With an Eight for a chaser, 
spit it on the bouncer
kicked his ass 
and he lost a girlfriend 
with a big soul kitchen 
Now he's layin' in the gutter
like a skid row bum 
Skid row bum style

Ohh Alcoholic
Ohh Scotch and 800
Ohh make you scratch the record
Ohh burn the spaghetti

Well...I came home from school on a Monday. 
 I missed the radio reggae show.
I felt like a rude boy, 
I could have slammed me a poseur

"You know"  Well...
My uncle called me a punk rocker in the doorway 
as he dribbled on the table 
when he started to say, 
"You're not a rude boy, you're a lazy boy, 
you should make like a tree and leave 
Make like a library and book, 
Make like a roach and bug off"

Ohh Alcoholic 
you can't drive 
Before you crash and go to jail.

© Fishbone

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