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August 22nd 2021

So-Cal Hoedown
San Pedro (Los Angeles) (CA)

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Fishbone's new year resolutions : tour, record, tour, record, tour ...

by Denis
Dec 22 2004
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What can we expect from Fishbone in 2005, year of the 20th anniversary of the EP ? Visibly, more touring. The Fishbone gang (Angelo, Wood, Wet Daddy, Rocky, Tory and the Dr?'s) will be pretty much on tour in North America and the Old Europe for most of the first half of 2005. The snowboard tour in January with New Blood Revival will cover as usual most of the NW ski resorts, a comprehensive french tour in February and March to support the european release of Live at the Temple Bar and More, more US touring with Slightly Stoopid in April, May and June. Stay tuned !
In the meantime, Fishbone will continue to record material for the next record, expected late 2005, early 2006, which is said to be "a musical statement of enormous magnitude." (I -unfortunately- haven't heard anything to back up this affirmation).

Tour de France 2005

by Denis
Nov 25 2004
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Ter ? Terre records and Fishbone announce the largest french tour Fishbone ever booked. Back in September-October 1993, Fishbone played 17 dates across France with support act from Tool. In February and March 2005, 20 shows are scheduled all across France with some leftovers for the belgians and the swiss. A ne manquer sous aucun prétexte !

A day in the life of a Fishbone soldier

by Denis
Oct 25 2004
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Or rather, 3:50 on the road with Fishbone (Windows Media, 10.5MB). Killing Time Productions shares some of the mayhem of this last summer tour.

More Fishbone DVDs scheduled for release

by Denis
Oct 24 2004
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Not three months after the announcement of the release by MVP, late November, of the Critical Times, Fishbone's Hen House Sessions documentary, Sony announces the DVD release of the 1992 music video Fishbone Past to Present, The Reality of my Surroundings (available November 16). Hightimes Record is also said to be finally releasing the DVD of November 2002 Cannibus Cup concert in January 2005.

Liza Minnelli on stage with Fishbone

by Denis
Oct 13 2004
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When I heard that ska/punk legends Fishbone would be playing a party at the Soapbox [in Wilmington, NC] for the cast and crew of My Life In Idlewild, I eagerly agreed to sacrifice a Sunday of football-watching to tend bar for Soapbox manager-owner Brent Watkins.

Now, I?ve seen Fishbone maybe a half-dozen times, and their live show is always on point, but I had no idea that before the party ended, I would also get to see Broadway legend Ben Vereen, pop singer Macy Gray ? and have a chance to serve Liza Minnelli a drink or two.

The party, a celebration for everyone who worked on the HBO film, which stars OutKast and has been shooting around the region, started slowly about 4 p.m. Cast and crew trickled in and eventually Fishbone took the stage.

With Idlewild director Bryan Barber proclaiming, ?This is going to be an all-out jam!? the band launched in to a funky groove punctuated by an ongoing refrain of At the Soapbox! Lead singer and saxophonist Angelo Moore offered the microphone to anyone wanting to get up and get involved, and Soapbox co-owner and Changing Channels comic Sandy Summers was first on stage, freestyling and profiling with some remarkably good lyrics off the top of her head.

The jam continued as Ms. Gray, who will make her big-screen debut in Idlewild, took the mic for a bit of soulful scatting. Then Mr. Vereen, who also stars in the film, jumped on stage, and took over. Blending easily with Fishbone?s funky flavor, Mr. Vereen turned into manic-preacher-man, exhorting the crowd to move and sway, saying, ?We?ve discovered a new way to express hip-hop!? a reference to Idlewild stars Big Boi and Andre 3000.

That was when soundman Jimmy Phillips turned to me and asked me for a shot of bourbon for ?Miss Liza Minnelli.?

OK. I?ve met a lot of famous people in my day, but right in front of me, in the Soapbox, was Liza-freakin?-Minnelli. After a couple of shots of courage, Miss Minnelli took the stage and began to tell the crowd how proud she was of their work on the film. The band lowered the volume, but that wasn?t enough for the diva. She made them stop playing altogether and began singing an old standard a capella.

Everyone listened respectfully, but this was not Miss Minnelli?s finest moment. Incoherent and rambling, Miss Minnelli was saved by Fishbone?s abrupt resumption of the jam, and the party got back on track.

A few of the other Idlewild actors from took the stage for some improvisational rapping, and before long, Big Boi and crew shuffled into the club. Performing the OutKast hit I Like the Way You Move, the group had cast and crew on their feet dancing like the rapture was nigh. That, however, was the only OutKast performance of the night, as a conspicuously absent Andre 3000 never showed. Word was he was at an out-of-town recording session.

Things wrapped up around midnight, and the gracious film crew stumbled out, looking at a 6 a.m. wake-up call. I made some good dough, got to enjoy a set by one of my favorite bands and saw Ben Vereen and Liza Minnelli in action. Let?s hope that My Life In Idlewild hits it big, and talented performers like these bring some more business back to our town. Next time, maybe, Bernadette Peters?

By Zach Hanner Wilmington Star - News Correspondent relaunch

by Denis
Oct 12 2004
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After a hiatus of a few months, Fishbone is officially back on the net. News, photos, videos and more on

DVD release date pushed back

by Denis
Oct 05 2004
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The release of Critical Times, Fishbone's first DVD showing the band in the studio at the Hen House has been pushed back to Nov 30th. More info on this DVD at

Critical Times world premiere on September 27th

by Denis
Sep 10 2004
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Critical Times, Fishbone's Hen House sessions documentary film will premiere Monday, September 27th at 10pm at the Silverlake Film Festival held at the Arclight Cinemas, Los Angeles, California.

Screening Information:
Date: Monday, September 27
Time: 10:00 PM
Film length: 75 minutes
Place: Arclight Cinemas - 6360 W. Sunset Blvd (between Vine and Ivar, with DeLongpre to the south) in Los Angeles, CA.

More info on the Silverlake Film festival website:

European distribution deal for "Live at the Temple Bar"

by Denis
Sep 09 2004
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Ter à? Terre records (France) is working on the European release of "Live at the Temple Bar and more...", up to now only available through import. A European support tour is planned for early 2005.

DVD due for release on Oct 5, 2004

by Denis
Aug 02 2004
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Oaks, PA - Music Video Distributors and Henhouse Studio are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Fishbone - Critical Times: Henhouse Sessions for worldwide distribution on DVD.

In 2001, the legendary, influential and voraciously eclectic band Fishbone arrived to record their newest material at the Hen House, a free community recording studio - fully wired for digital sound and video. The only rule: leave your shoes at the door.

What commenced was an in-depth look at a veteran musical group during its sometimes painful reincarnation phase. After having been lifted to stardom at the age of 17, the critically acclaimed Fishbone seemed poised to blast its way into permanent orbit - when suddenly their musical world was shaken apart with the explosive departure of key members of the band and problems with their label.

The film centers primarily on the creation and recording of the songs in the studio - giving a privileged viewpoint as if one were a member of the band. The seamless blend of multi-angle cinema verité and time-lapse photography turns day to night and back again as the band pleads, cajoles, threatens and uses every trick in the book to bring their music alive. This electron microscopic view of the band does nothing to demystify its potent JuJu - after nearly a quarter century touring and composing together - their unique magic is still operating at it's nuttmost. The innovative use of multiple DV cameras to document the creative journey brings the audience as close as they will ever get to the raw, funky crucible where this absolutely inexplicable band brews it's voodoo stew of schizoid metal/rap/funk/ska and to some extent, reggae. Primarily thought of as an almost religious experience - the brutally joyous live shows of the band have been long known - what is less understood is the source of this inspired madness. Critical Times: Henhouse Sessions also delves into personal lives, politics, factions in the band and competing musical styles all coexisting in an uneasy but fascinating balance.

Band documentaries may come and go - but this is Fishbone. Way up close.

SONGS: Frayed F*cking Nerve Ending, Last Dayz, Critical Times, Premadawnutt, Demon in Here, In the Heat of Angrrr, Skank N' Go Nutts

Skank N' Go Nutts (Alt. Cut)
Dr. Maddvibe The Undesired Desirables
Trulio Disgracious - Get Drenched
Trulio Disgracious - Food for Squirrels

Catalog# DR-4408
UPC 022891440895
Prebook September 7, 2004
Street Date October 5, 2004
Retail Price $19.95
Audio 5.1 Surround
Run Time 90 minutes
Region 0

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