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Tonight !

The Music Box
San Diego (CA)

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Audio recording - Mar 26 2017

Waiting Room Buffalo, NY
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Type : Audio
Source : audience
Master : CDR
Length : n/a
Recording shared by 1 familyhoodster
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2. Unyielding Conditioning
3. Junkies Prayer
4. Pray to the Junkiemaker
5. Knock It
6. Freddie's Dead
7. Swim
8. Intro
9. Chim Chim's Badass Revenge
10. In The Cube
11. Beergut
12. Psychologically Overcast
13. Alcoholic
14. Love...Hate
15. Riot
16. Monkey Dick
17. Sourpuss
18. Rock Star
19. Pre Nut
20. Nutmeg
21. Lemon Meringue
22. Cholly Bustin Loose
23. Fishy Swa Ska
24. Ma & Pa
25. Skankin' to the Beat
26. Party At Ground Zero

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
Walter Kibby III (v, t)
Philip Fisher (d)
John Bigham (eg, g, key, v)
Rocky George (eg)
Jay Armant (tb, v)
Paul Hampton (key, v)


2 reviews
Review by Mrjboogie on Mar 28 2017  

The Waiting Room,
Buffalo, NY
March 26, 2017Let me start off like Buffalo NY....FISHBONE WAS OFF THE HOOK LAST NIGHT!
Made the drive up from Rochester.
I'm at work and still recovering from the onslaught,guess I'm not 23 anymore. They started with Unyielding Conditions and ended almost 3 hrs. later with Party At Ground Zero. Band was on fire and Fish was killing the d...


Review by Nijumu on Mar 28 2017  

Great recording of this super DOPE show!!! Fishbone as its best!!


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