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December 10th 2021

Midtown Ballroom/Domino Room
Bend (OR)

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Welcome at, where the familhood feels at home !

Thanks to everyone's contributions, this site is the largest internet resource dedicated to Fishbone. To date, the familyhood has contributed 1430 reviews, 6055 photos, 1533 videos, 307 live recordings for 2910 shows since 1983 !

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December 2021

Fri 10th@Midtown Ballroom/Domino Room Bend (OR)(0)
Sat 11th@ Bossanova Ballroom Portland (OR)(0)
Sun 12th@El Corazon Seattle (WA)(0)
Tue 14th@Bottom Of the Hill San Francisco (CA)(0)
Wed 15th@Bottom Of the Hill San Francisco (CA)(0)
Thu 16th@Slo Brew Rock San Luis Obispo (CA)(0)
Thu 30th@The Coach House San Juan Capistrano (CA)(0)
Fri 31st@The Venice West Venice (CA)(0)

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John Steward is back in Fishbone

by Nijumu
Dec 02 2021
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John Steward posted today (Dec 2, 2021) this message on facebook : "Im excited to announce that I have been called and reinstated back to Duty with FISHBONE. "

The post was on a picture of John with a Fishbone's Cap on his head in front of his drumkit 

Cancellation of the show opening for Mr Bungle on Sept 17, 2021 @ the Radius.

by Nijumu
Sep 15 2021
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Due to mental health reasons Mike Patton had to cancel all his shows of september and october of Mr Bungle and Faith No More. So the show with fishbone opening for Mr Bungle, at the Radius on September 17 in Chicago, is cancelled.

Fishbone opening for Mr. Bungle on Sept 17th Riot Fest Late Night show

by Nijumu
Jul 06 2021
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Trevor Dunn, Mike Patton and Trey Spruance are showing some love for Fishbone. And now Scott Ian from Anthrax, another Fishbone soldier, is playing rhythm guitar with Mr Bungle !

Read the post of Mr Bungle on Facebook :

Hey Chicago, we’ve added very special guests to our Sept 17th Riot Fest Late Night show…Fishbone! Get your tickets now at

Fishbone was one of a handful of bands that made the effort to stop in Humboldt County to play a show on their way between SF and Portland. We, of course, knew their 1985 EP, and as a bunch of post-metal metal heads exploring other musics, that EP was crucial. Then there were the live shows. Holy smoke. Probably safe for me to personally say that Fishbone is the best live band ever. In the '80s they would play the Old Town Bar & Grill (no longer in existence) and we ended up having the chance to hang with them a bit. Probably a year after we gave Angelo an original copy of our first demo (The Raging Wrath...) they returned to Eureka and he told us that he would write lyrics while listening to it. None of us ever forgot that. “ - Trevor

"We always have and always will worship Fishbone. They were one of the few interesting bands that would come to our tiny town. They changed our musical outlook for the better. We respect and love them till the end of time.” - Mike

“Fishbone changed everything. Seeing them live kicked our asses to actually start DOING the things we'd only been dreaming were possible up until then. I shudder to think what might've been if they hadn't come up to Eureka. They didn't just inspire us musically, they validated us and intimately encouraged us and to pursue our dreams as a band. If there's a bridge between our Raging Wrath era music and everything that was to come after, that bridge would be named Fishbone.” - Trey


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