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December 9th 2022

Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver (BC)

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Oct 08 1993 @ Espace Seichamps Nancy, FR

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
Walter Kibby III (v, t)
Philip Fisher (d)
Christopher Dowd (v, key, tb)
John Bigham (eg, g, key, v)


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1 video
Title:Bottom (feat. Angelo Moore) - Tool [Live 1993/10/08 @ Espace Seichamps, Nancy, France
Author:Burnt Amber
Description:Features Angelo Moore [Fishbone] for the Spoken-Word interlude. SPOKEN WORD LYRICS: "My head is on fire and so are my feet I can't fuckin' think From needles and pins that stick in my skin Don't YELL at me bitch or make me feel small I'm hangin' by a thread and I'll bite off your head and that's not all ... My close friends went crazy and I feel like I'm next My mom wants to talk to me about going to the hall in the church I love you god but my head really hurts When the phone rings it feels like an ice pick in my temple had to jump in my ear Oh no the popcorn is here I gave my mechanic my car, my money six months ago I paid a lot of money that fucker's too slow I sit in the corner and try to manifest my thoughts But they're stuck and caught like a blood clot They're stuck and caught like a blood clot I repeat myself like a broken record sometimes The FBI's lookin' for my friend I got love for my homie, I don't wanna see him taken in. I'm ready to explode from a garbage build over I cannot wait to hit the road just so I can use the hobo axe to release commode All I wanna do is float on a cloud and scream to the top of my lungs ... 'SET ME FREE GOD! DO IT NOW IF YOU KNOW HOW!' If I help myself I know you'll do the rest This is only a test Remove me from this society's line Decrease my heading migraine Replace the pain with sugarcane Replace the pain with sugarcane Replace the pain with sugarcane" ORIGINAL TAPE TEXT FILE: Tool 10-08-1993 OCT-08-1993 Nancy, France @ Espace Seichamps Source: Aiwa CM30 ~ Sony TCD-D7 / 32kHz Transfer: DC1 ~ Tascam DA-20 ~ Waveterminal U24 ~ coax ~ Wavelab 5.0 ~ 44.1kHz (resampled) ~ CDWave (tracksplits) ~ .FLAC Transferred by Per (nov. 2005) Set: Part Of Me Sober Bottom (feat. Angelo Moore [Fishbone] for Spoken-Word Interlude.) Crawl Away Prison Sex Undertow Opiate disc 1 - 7 tracks - 44:36
Published:Jun 03 2014 11:13:42


2 reviews
Review by Boub on Mar 07 2005 

Incredible show! i was only thirteen. the band was tight!

Review by Arnaud on Jul 11 2007 

My first fishbone concert.... a very great show. After this, all others groups in concert seem "fades"

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Fishbone & Espace Seichamps

Fishbone is not scheduled to play Espace Seichamps anytime soon.


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