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December 9th 2022

Rickshaw Theatre
Vancouver (BC)

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Nov 22 2002 @ Marquee London, UK

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On Stage


1. Everyday Sunshine
2. Ma & Pa
3. Karma Tsunami
4. Premadawnutt
5. Subliminal Fascism
6. Sunless Saturday
7. Junkies Prayer Spacey played The Star-Spangled Banner a la Hendrix
8. Freddie's Dead
9. Are You Wid It
10. Cholly
11. Skankin' to the Beat
12. Alcoholic Angelo sang this standing on the bar!!!
13. In The Heat of Angrrr
14. Bonin' in the Boneyard
15. Swim
16. Demon in Here
17. Fishbone is Red Hot


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3 reviews
Review by Paddy Walters on Jul 01 2005 

This is the review I posted on The Nuttwork Neighbourhood the day after the show, so it is a bit rambly!!!

Here are my ramblings.... Terrible journey to London meant that we arrived to see Adequate 7 play the end of their last song...oh well!!! Skindred were okay, but a bit samey after a while, I felt. However, Angelo was wandering around chatting during their set, so I had a...


Review by Edgar Salas on Feb 10 2007 

Well. Not easy to see Fishbone in Southamerica, ( I am Colombian, and do live in Brazil) so I had to go to London to see them. I was with an Italian Friend o mine who didn`t know the band. We get to the marquee at 7:00pm. No cue, so I was afraid the place was full. But It wasn`t. Actually, We entered and the place was empty. I took the first row. attached to the barrier. 1,5 m from stage. The bes...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

i dont really know who im mailing this to! but i have to say, i waited 10 years(for one reason or another) to see fishbone, and on friday i was more than blown away! amazing! no one could ask more of a band, they give everything for the entire set and i cant wait to see them again. does anyone know when the new cd is out??????

see y'all,

rich pdhm.

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Fishbone & Marquee

Fishbone is not scheduled to play Marquee anytime soon.


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