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October 29th 2022

Los Angeles (CA)

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Nov 24 2002 @ Spirit of 66 Verviers, BE

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Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.52 votes
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On Stage


1. Dr Madd Vibe Spoken Word
2. Nuttmeg World
3. Alcoholic
4. Just Allow
5. Pressure
6. In The Heat of Angrrr
7. AIDS & Armageddon w/ Spacey T's Red House intro
8. Are You Wid It
9. Cholly
10. Question of Life
11. Skankin' to the Beat
12. Premadawnutt
13. Chim Chim's Badass Revenge
14. Bonin' in the Boneyard
15. Sunless Saturday
16. Swim
17. Skank n' Go Nutts
18. Party At Ground Zero
19. Last Dayz, Critical Times
20. Fishbone is Red Hot


47 photos

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2 reviews
Review by Denis on Nov 25 2002 

Just got to the office after an incredible gig last night. Met with Arno, Arne, Nancy, nancy's twin sister and Jeroen, found a few old friends with whom i used to go to fishbone gigs, more than 10 years ago and hadn't seen the bone since. The Spirit of 66 is mainly a blues joint, so i was a bit worried when i saw all these middle aged people, maybe just regulars of the club. How would they react to the baddest music on earth? One of them was a major primetime TV journalist here in Belgium (she covered the afghanistan war on the field). roughly 150 people in this club of at most 200.

No opening band, which is good enough that way it's very easy to talk to the guys without having to shout. Gave Angelo & Walt their birthday presents. Gave Wood copies of some of his barbecue lost discs. As usual, they were mixing freely before and after the gig, which added a lot to the athmosphere, except for Walter.

great selection of tunes, good sound (not perfect though), but most of all, great great great crowd response. People with huge smiles on their faces all the time. My old friends' flame has been revived. everybody was totally into it. the band was really enjoying themselves. The journalist (a fishbone virgin), whom i thought would be staying in the back, was upfront during the whole gig and was also seen in the "pit" (lame bouncers who don't know nothing 'bout skankin) during last daze and red hot. A lot of virgin ears have thus been duly exposed, hopefully forever.

local tv camera crew was there, i'll be trying to get the unedited footage and the edited version of the report. Best of all, got three sources of audio (sdb->MD, sdb->CD & Aud->MD). Should be posting a few pictures soon, hopefully.

On the fishbone performance scale (this scales starts at 9 and ends at Templebar01), this gig rates between 9.99 and templebar.

on the trivia side : -Wood thinks they'll be back here round march -Talked with Spacey 'bout Kendall. He seems to have landed a big gig, but i can't remember with whom. -Sarah and Ase weren't there (went directly to Amsterdam, and Arno drove Wood back to Amsterdam - should be an interesting ride)

it's all i can remember. Damn this is so good i can't be spoiled



Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Hi All,

Top moment for me (after missing the first 5 songs, hell they started already at 21h00...???):

CCBAR!!! Very very solid and tight..., have never had it live before...

and: all the nice girls dancing up front (one of them was complimented alot by Angelo!)

Wood asked for pure marihuana (no tobacco)


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Fishbone & Spirit of 66

Fishbone played already at Spirit of 66 once.
>April 15, 2008Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10Rating : 10 36 photos5 videos3 reviewsAn ordered setlist was submittedNo recording has yet been submitted.9 'hoodsters in attendance
Fishbone is not scheduled to play Spirit of 66 anytime soon.


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