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December 3rd 2021

San Diego (CA)

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Nov 27 2002 @ Melkweg Amsterdam, NL

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On Stage


1. X-Quews Mee, Dr. Madd Vibe Emergency House Call Pull-ease
2. Nuttmeg World
3. Alcoholic
4. Just Allow
5. Pressure
6. In The Heat of Angrrr
7. AIDS & Armageddon
8. Are You Wid It
9. Cholly
10. Ma & Pa
11. Skankin' to the Beat
12. Premadawnutt
13. Chim Chim's Badass Revenge
14. Bonin' in the Boneyard
15. Sunless Saturday
16. Swim
17. Demon in Here
18. Skank n' Go Nutts [not played]
19. Party At Ground Zero [not played]
20. Last Dayz, Critical Times [not played]
21. Fishbone is Red Hot [not played]


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1 video
Title:FISHBONE Live In Amsterdam 2002 complete
Description:Melkweg Theatre in Amsterdam, Holland, during the infamous High Times Cannabis Cup Festival in 2002. 1. "X-Quewz Mee, Dr. Madd Vibe, Emergency House Call Pull-Ease" 7:15 2. "Alcoholic" 5:10 3. "Just Allow" 3:32 4. "In the Heat of Angrrr" 4:27 5. "AIDS & Armageddon" 8:59 6. "Are U Wit It?" 8:11 7. "Cholly" 3:42 8. "Ma & Pa" 3:57 9. "Skankin' to the Beat" 3:28 10. "Premadawnutt" 5:24 11. "Chim Chim's Bad Ass Revenge" 4:23 12. "Bonin' in the Boneyard" 5:05 13. "Sunless Saturday" 5:09 14. "Swim" Personnel Angelo Moore - saxophone, vocals Walter A. Kibby II - trumpet, vocals Spacey T - guitar John Norwood Fisher - bass guitar, vocals John Steward - drums
Published:Feb 18 2013 08:30:22


4 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Flew to Amsterdam, met up with Arno, went to the venue, met up with the band who were all very tired and chatted with Sarah, Nico and his two friends were also there (Phillipe and I'm ashamed to say I've forgotten the ladies name! Big apologies to her!). We went for a meal with Norwood, Sarah and Ase at a South African restaurant and then went back to the venue apart from Arno who had another co...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

the Euro-reunion wasn't on as big a scale as the LA one, but nevertheless it was fun. Let's start with a preview of what's to come:

-multitrack live recording -5 camera registration of the concert -lots of US stoners -south african food -Nuttwork shirts -Meshell -Ase's birthday

Okay.. to start of, my mobile phone provider had made a mistake and had switched off my phone so Colin couldn't let me know he was in Amsterdam. Luckily email was working, so we did manage to meet up through the kind help of a tourist information lady.

It is a recurring theme with all the reports we get when list members meet, they always seem to be great people.

I had planned to spend most of the day on mastering the Verviers concert (depending on the band's and Denis's okay it may make it to a website), but it turned out slightly different.

We called the Melkweg (yes, on Colin's phone) and asked to speak to Sarah. To my surprise we got straight through to her and she told us to come over instantly to meet up with them and Nico and friends, who were already there. So we did.

When we came to the melkweg they were setting up stuff and we met up with Sarah, Ahse and Norwood. Angelo came out of the bus and probably (I didn't see him afterwards) joined the rest of the band who went to the judging event for the Cannabis Cup.

So we spend the afternoon with Norwood, Sarah and Ase, who had a birthday. She is very cute, even her "terrible 2's" behaviour is quite cute and not bad at all. The big celebration had been the night before in Enschede and she even had a birthday cake.

I saw the impressive photos from the Aigle show (Nico brought a big book with copies for the entire band) and we learned that they were going to record the show with 16 tracks and film it as well. The organizer wants to put out the Fishbone show as a Cannabis Cup cd. Very interesting..

I gave Norwood 2 cd's, one with the Dukes of Stratosphear which he was very happy with and a Keziah Jones album. He hadn't heard the music, but it turned out that Spacy is into Keziah and had mentioned him to Norwood.

We went for a walk to try and find a nice place to eat and at my suggestion we went to a south african restaurant. I think everyone enjoyed the food (I had zebra), and Norwood was very much impressed with the ostrich egg lamps. If you know how to get one (basically, a 50 watt light in an egg, it works quite well), get one for him. The restaurant had them custom made, so they couldn't tell us where to get them.

After dinner I had to split to try and get the Verviers cd's done so I could give them to the band, but I failed miserably because I had to go to a Meshell show. The show was very funky, although for my tastes she had too many pieces that were better suited for listening to at home. It lacked energy at times. Still, very very nice..

On a sidenote, why do people make a big deal about her sexuality? Paradiso was filled with gay female couples, which is fine, but I've never seen them at other soul/funk shows. It's a shame people apparently go to her shows more for her personality then her music. I hadn't expected that. Oh well.

I slipped out just before her encore and went to the Melkweg, where I was just in time to meet up with the gang minus Sarah and Ase (too smoky and no babysitter) but with Denis, who made it in time. We went in and saw the end of a video with judging of different samples. They take their stuff very seriously.

Then Angelo came on in a, well, somewhat african/oriental/middle eastern outfit (when the pictures are up, take a look. Very cool costume) and started with a reading of Rock Star to a very apreciative audience. The audience was mostly american, so the spoken word seems to come across better.

After that the band jumped into Nuttmeg World and they went into a fairly standard set. There were big screens to either side of the stage showing the filming, so it was almost like a miniature big stadium concert. The stoners seemed to be taken aback a bit because most of the dancing and crowd was about 5 meters from the stage, leaving the space near the space relatively unpopulated, which made for great space to dance. It wasn't empty, but you could easily go get a drink and dance back to the front or walk back and forth in front of the stage to take pictures, which was done quite a bit.

The crowd and the band were quite into it, but for both it was clear that the Cannabis Cup isn't just a name.. the magic cigarettes had some effect on the band, which wasn't as tight as usual. I doubt the recordings will be released, but we can always hope or try to get them one way or another. Regardless, I enjoyed the show tremendously, met quite a few old soldiers that I hadn't seen for a while and everyone was totally into the show. I do hope they release it (overdubs or no).

After the show we met up with Sarah and Ase again, Denis gave her a gift (he is very good with those things, I didn't find the time anymore to buy here anything..) and Sarah gave me a shirt. Arne, I now have 2 yellow Nuttwork shirts! :) Nevermind, I love them both.

I went home with Colin and we quietly relaxed after the show. The next day was basically getting up, making sure Colin had the compilation and then he went to the airport and I went to work.

All in all, very enjoyable, but it was very rushed for me. Also, I didn't get to hang out with the entire band and the list members as much as I had hoped, but we should definately do this again if one of their next tours in Europe actually is in late august as they planned. As far south as we can get :)

And I can drive a few people from Amsterdam down to wherever easily.

That's all for now.




Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Ok, we arrived at Melkweg at about 14:30 and met Sarah, Norwood, and the cute Ase. Jessica gave her a little fish toy for her birthday, but she was more interested by the wrapping paper than what was inside.

After a while, Arno and Colin arrived. We chatted a while and watched Colin and my friend pictures. We went next to the band's hotel, and waited Sarah that was dressing A...


Review by Denis on Apr 13 2004 

Basically, Cannibus cup is a week-long american event organised for americans-who-want-to-go-on- a-pilgrimage-to-the-world-capital- of-the-herb-that-makes -you-sleepy/crazy/openminded/... (fill the blanks / choose what it does for you). So even if the show was sold out, the venue was not packed at all. Same venue as for 9.9.99 and my memories of that time is that the melkweg was packed. Mainly ...


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Fishbone & Melkweg

Fishbone played already at Melkweg 5 times.
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Fishbone is not scheduled to play Melkweg anytime soon.


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