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Tonight !

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Aug 13 2003 @ Mondo Bizarro Rennes, FR

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On Stage


1. Unyielding Conditioning
2. Cholly (Gonna Have a Good Time Jam)
3. Alcoholic
4. Karma Tsunami
5. Pressure
6. Freddie's Dead
7. Last Dayz, Critical Times
8. I Wish I Had a Date
9. Lyin' Ass Bitch
10. Skank n' Go Nutts
11. Skankin' to the Beat
12. Riot
13. Premadawnutt
14. Bonin' in the Boneyard
15. Everyday Sunshine
16. Ma & Pa
17. Party At Ground Zero
18. Demon in Here [not played]
19. Sunless Saturday [not played]
20. Last Days [not played]
21. Swim [not played]
22. Fishbone is Red Hot


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3 reviews
Review found on the web 

Aaaahhh quel bonheur ces petits concerts de dernière minute... Fishbone devait jouer ce 13 Aout à Bergerac mais pour une raison qui m'est restée inconnue cette date a été annulé. L'envie de jouer étant là, nos amis californiens se décident à aller jouer à Rennes dans le café concert Mondo Bizarro. L'info circule sur Rennes, et moi de mon bureau non climatisé j'apprends la nouvelle ver...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

Yesterday Fishbone was playing in a very very small club "Le Mondo Bizarro" in Rennes (France). It was hot, hot, hot!!!!

As usually members of the band where great and smiling even if the temperature was very, very high!!! Surely more than 40?C perhaps 50?C!! Don't really know but it was great and it was a pleasure to see so many Fishbone soldier (about 100 NuttMen!) in a so ...


Review by Washaki on Dec 02 2004 

Excellent occasion to speak with a totally drunked Angelo ! Really really hot concert, my fishbone teeshirt was as wet as if I've took a bath with it ... lol

wonderfull show :-)

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Fishbone & Mondo Bizarro

Fishbone is not scheduled to play Mondo Bizarro anytime soon.


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