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December 3rd 2021

San Diego (CA)

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Oct 23 2003 @ I-Rock Detroit, MI

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On Stage


Behaviour Control Technician
Fishbone is Red Hot Crowd chant
Sunless Saturday
Lyin' Ass Bitch
Give it Up
Ma & Pa
Karma Tsunami
Let Dem Hoes Fight (Pt 2)
Freddie's Dead
Junkies Prayer backed by Spacey's Hendrix-like U.S. National Anthem
When Problems Arise
Bonin' in the Boneyard
Party At Ground Zero


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2 reviews
Review from the Nuttwork's archive 

I ROCK is a mediocre venue at best. The crowd was small and with little exception also lame. Fishbone however kicked much ass! For once I decided to not crowd the stage right off. I wanted to lay back for a few songs to check out the sound. The motherf#*!?@% started the show off with BCT and Dirty was all over it! Hittin' the ground at a run they followed with PRESSURE! Shit sounded gooood although typically Fishbone keeps vocals lower in the mix than I would like,this night was no exception. Everything was distinct and not muddy at all. I was very happy to find Spacey stronger than usual in the mix. Sadly the crowd was very standoffish stayin' a good 10 feet from the stage?! Angelo was havin' none of that! He jumped off stage with that 40' mic cord,lassoed about 25 individuals and dragged them to the stage! It was classic. I was one of the little doggies and I saw perplexed and some worried faces. It took most a few seconds to figure it out and when they did there was alot of laughter all around. Prior to that though folks were resisting. It definitely broke the ice and after that folks loosened and stayed right against the stage.

In my twenty years or so of seein' all kinds of shows I can not recall a display of more beauty and power than Spacey's performance last night! I have never reacted so physically to a guitarist before! Holy Joyous spasms Batman! After the show Spacey said he felt very inspired because the city of Detroit was once very much the stompin' grounds of the late Eddie Hazel. Angelo was possesed ,cartwheelin', pop-lockin' beautiful fool! There was a very very nice jazz-synch jam intro to PROBLEMS? that I had not heard before! Also the indo-sitar like intro to SUNLESS was very groovy! Wood seemed particularly sharp and John left me wanting nothing more! Let dem Hoes Fight was the weakest song played. Why? I have no clue what the new lyrics are and Angelo's and Walt's garbled vocals don't help. The pace may be a problem also. I would have loved to hear DEMON,PREMA or SKANK 'N GO but ya know,what can ya do.

Spacey and Walt told me ya'll in Toronto hooked'em up real nice and they really enjoyed your company Wo&Ted! Just to confirm,Wood told me Torri is commited to The Time and is only finishing out the tour for tha 'Bone. If he can't for some reason ,Suicidal's can. Wood also mentioned to me that yes Brewster plays trumpet. Not only has Torri played with Trulio before but Wood's linin'im up as well as the Suicidal's guy for a big Trulio shin-dig in the very near future. The mood of the guys seemed improved from Cleveland.Must've been that Canadian 'air'.It seems they've struggled with it, now they're resigned and movin' on.


(submitted through the Nuttwork)


Review by Nijumu on Sep 27 2014 

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