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March 31st 2023

Ramas festival
Rincon (PR)

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Apr 24 2005 @ Blue Nile New Orleans, LA

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
John Steward (d)
John McKnight (key, tb, eg, v)
Rocky George (eg)
Torrel Ruffin (eg)
Dre Gipson (key, v)
Dre Holmes (t, eg, g, v)


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6 photos

© Arno Meulenkamp

© Mayte Redondo

© Mayte Redondo

© Mayte Redondo

© Arno Meulenkamp
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3 reviews
Review by Mkeith61277 on Apr 25 2005 

First of all I must say it was absolutely incredible to see Fishbone at the New Orleans Jazz Festival ... I estimate they played in front of at least 75,000 people ( There was probably a good 200,000 plus people at the whole festival. Fishbone took the stage at the Blue Nile around 3 AM by this time all of New Orleans was just toasted up including the band ... They opened with Party At Ground Zer...


Review by Chris1 on Apr 26 2005 

The group came on really late, like ya boy before me said, about 3am. That was cool though, cause they put on a REAL TIGHT performance at Jazz Fest. Especially liked that "train whistle" thang they did (at the Fest). Anyway, the Blue Nile gig was kinda crazy. Norwood was drinkin' . . . but the bass was thumpin'. The ska stuff was really, really nice. Seems like they did about 3 or 4 of those tunes. Particularly like the hard-core hee-haw number dedicated to "all the jackasses". That was definitely a JAM, especially when the guitars kicked in. Pretty good show considering the time it started and all. Angelo was into the stage divin' bit, which probably cuaght up with him. Saw him in the men's room after the show strangely ended (around 5am). Hope he made out all right . . . and hope they find their way back to New Orleans real soon.


Review by El jeffe on May 28 2005 

it was disappointinf to see angelo pass out towards the end of the set. is norwood ok? he seems like he's picked up an addiction since the last tour, or his drinking is getting incredibly out of control. norwood, i love you brother, please take care of yourself. even though all of those people yelled about how you weren't shit (before the show, 2 hours before they started because norwood was abs...


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Fishbone & Blue Nile

Fishbone played already at Blue Nile once.
>February 19, 2012 No photo has yet been submitted.No video has yet been linked.No review has yet been submitted.The setlist has not yet been submitted.No recording has yet been submitted.
Fishbone is not scheduled to play Blue Nile anytime soon.


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