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August 11th 2022

Marquee Theatre
Tempe (Phoenix) (AZ)

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Apr 15 2008 @ Spirit of 66 Verviers, BE

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On Stage

Angelo C. Moore (v, sax, thr, per)
John Norwood Fisher (eb, b, v)
John Steward (d)
John McKnight (key, tb, eg, v)
Rocky George (eg)
Dre Gipson (key, v)
Dre Holmes (t, eg, g, v)


2. Unyielding Conditioning
3. The Suffering With Rub'aDub Soldier intro
4. Behind Closed Doors
5. Bonin' in the Boneyard
6. Sunless Saturday
7. Frey'd Fucking Nerve Endingz
8. Date Rape
9. Ma & Pa
10. Skank n' Go Nutts
11. Party With Saddam
12. Cholly
13. Hide Behind my Glasses
14. Cheyenne Star Forever Moore
15. Alcoholic With a Gary Glitter bit
16. Let Dem Hoes Fight (Pt 2)
17. Give it Up
18. Party At Ground Zero
19. Dr Madd Vibe Spoken Word
20. Freddie's Dead
21. Servitude


36 photos

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5 videos
Title:Fishbone - Verviers - Belgium 15 April 2008
Description:A little something showing the potential of these guys! First time I manage at the same time to film, dance, sing, shout, slam, skank from the moshpit, quite happy with the result.
Published:Apr 19 2008 12:35:44
Title:Fishbone Live at Verviers Belgium April 15 2008 Part 1
Description:Fishbone in your face !
Published:Apr 19 2008 04:18:13
Title:Fishbone Live at Verviers Belgium April 15 2008 Part 2
Description:Fishbone in your face !
Published:Apr 19 2008 11:55:41
Title:Fishbone Live at Verviers Belgium April 15 2008 Part 3 Encor
Description:Fishbone Encore Servitude + solos !!
Published:Apr 20 2008 02:18:17
Title:Fishbone Live at Verviers Belgium April 15 2008 Part 4 Encor
Description:Fishbone encore servitude + solos ends
Published:Apr 20 2008 02:33:24


3 reviews
Review by Arne on Apr 16 2008 

Fabulous show! Great energy, great sound...

For over 2.5 hours of an eclectic show. Rocky was very well up in the mix - great to hear him so well... The old and new tunes all mixed up great. All were highlights. Definitely a show in my personal top 5! PaDre and Angelo doing simultaneous dancing. Dre Gipson doing a lot of singing and crowd surfing... Skankin with the audience... Great perf...


Review by Everlastbe on Apr 16 2008 

Version française plus bas
Attending this show was a real impulsive reaction to the fact that I learned that Fishbone is not the headline for the Paris concert later this month which I will attend as well. I was lucky enough to have a lift from Timot and I really don’t regret my evening.

First time in Spririt of 66 and the immediate impression was that it looked like a Texan bar (including the way the crowd looked). Poor audience (merely a 100 people there) for a 2h15 ass kicking show. Crowd a bit shy at the beginning but really getting into it from Behind Closed Doors onwards.

My personal highlights were: Party at ground Zero (long time didn’t see that one live), Cholly, Give it up and Alcoholic. Of course the mood of all the band members was also a big plus – probably thanks to their 4 days spent in Holland…- and meeting with them after the show was awesome. Padre explained me how the bus left him in Den Bosch for 1 hour but he said he didn’t mind or worried as he still had a lot of weed with him - really hilarious.

Another great item was learning from the owner of the French fries shop around the corner that Angelo went to eat by himself there at noon and that he tried and finished every single sauce (12!).

I’ll post some videos of the gig on You Tube later this week. Also some pictures will appear later on.

Fishbone, once again you proved you are the best live act in the world! Thanks for stopping by in Belgium and see you in Paris.


Participer à ce concert a été une réaction impulsive au fait d'apprendre que Fishbone ne sera pas la tête d'affiche au concert de Paris du 26 avril. J'ai eu du bol d'avoir une place dans la voiture de Timot grâce aux options avancées de ce super site web! J'ai passé une super soirée.

C'était ma première visite au Spirit of 66 et la première impression est de se retrouver dans un bar Texan (y compris à la dégaine des habitués). Pas assez de monde (peut-être une centaine) mais un concert de plus de 2h15 qui pétait le feu. Les spectateurs un peu timides au début mais qui ont commencé à se lacher à partir de Behind Closed Doors.

Mes morceaux favoris cette fois-ci ont été: Party at Ground Zero (il y a longtemps que je ne l'avais entendu en live), Cholly, Give it up et Alcoholic. Bien sûr la bonne humeur du groupe sur scène se voyait et rajoutait à la fête - sûrement grâce aux quatre jours passés en hollande - et les rencontrer à la fin du concert est toujours aussi chouette. Padre m'a expliqué comment le bus et le groupe l'a abandonné tout seul à Den Bosch, mais il s'est pas inquiété outre mesure car il avait suffisament de shit sur lui - trop marrant.

Un autre chouette point a été d'apprendre de la patronne de la baraque à frites du coin qu'Angelo est allé manger tout seul à midi des frites et qu'il a essayé et fini toutes les différentes sauces (12!).

Je mettrais des vidéos du concert sur You Tube plus tard dans la semaine. Des photos apparaîtront ici bientôt.

Fishbone encore une fois vous prouvez que vous êtes le meilleur groupe live du monde! Merci d'être passés par la Belgique et on se voit à Paris.


Review by Catherine on Jun 16 2008 

Well - two months after the show - still time to post a review? 

I was introduced to Fishbone in March 2008. First I was puzzled, the music stretched my mind, it made me laugh. It soon became addictive. Everytime I listen to Fishbone I feel like on a mental trampoline. Not very so...


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Fishbone & Spirit of 66

Fishbone played already at Spirit of 66 once.
>November 24, 2002Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5Rating : 9.5 47 photosNo video has yet been linked.2 reviewsAn ordered setlist was submitted2 recordings7 'hoodsters in attendance
Fishbone is not scheduled to play Spirit of 66 anytime soon.


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