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Jun 03 2013 @ Tokyo Garden Tokyo, JP

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On Stage


2. Unyielding Conditioning
3. The Suffering
4. I Wish I Had a Date
5. Behind Closed Doors
6. Another Generation
7. Everyday Sunshine
8. A Selection
9. Ma & Pa
10. Dui Friday
11. Date Rape
12. "Simon Says" The Kingpin
13. Deepshit Backstroke
14. Bonin' in the Boneyard
15. Question of Life
16. Lyin' Ass Bitch
17. Cholly
18. Crazy Glue
19. Hide Behind my Glasses
20. Alcoholic
21. Skankin' to the Beat
22. Party At Ground Zero
23. The Goose
24. Freddie's Dead
25. Let Dem Hoes Fight (Pt 2)
26. Sunless Saturday


18 photos

© Chibian/Fishbone jp

© Chibian/Fishbone jp

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4 videos
Title:FISHBONE Japan Tour 2013 "Bonin in the Boneyard"
Description:June.3.2013 at Shimokitazawa Garden, Tokyo, Japan Paul Hampton (key, the Skeltones) made his first stage dive and swam in Tokyo crowd! Welcome to the Boneyard!!
Published:Jun 06 2013 08:04:31
Title:FISHBONE Japan Tour 2013 "Everyday Sunshine"
Description:Live at Shimokitazawa Garden, Tokyo, Japan. June 03.2013.
Published:Jun 06 2013 09:00:14
Title:FISHBONE Japan Tour 2013 "Lyin' Ass Bitch"
Description:Live at Shimokitazawa Garden, Tokyo, Japan. June 03. 2013.
Published:Jun 06 2013 07:54:08
Title:FISHBONE Japan Tour 2013 "Wish I Had a Date"
Description:Live at Shimokitazawa Garden, Tokyo, Japan. June 03.2013.
Published:Jun 06 2013 09:00:03


2 reviews
Review by Bawbag on Jun 06 2013 

Gig was fuckin incredible!  I last saw Fishbone about 18 years ago and could not believe how amazing they still are.  It was an experience to behold....the wonder of Fishbone.  

Review by Nijumu on Sep 12 2014 

pictures by Chibian. for fishbone jp. Complete review & pictures here :


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Fishbone & Tokyo Garden

Fishbone is not scheduled to play Tokyo Garden anytime soon.


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