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June 4th 2023

Le Gueulard +
Nilvange (FR)

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 Fishbone 101 - Nuttasaurusmeg Fossil Fuelin' The Fonkay  


Release dateLabelCatalogue #Description
>22 Aug 1996Columbia LegacyC2K 65009Double CD. CD1 is a Columbia era best of, CD2 has rare tracks, demos, outtakes.


1. Party At Ground Zero L B
2. ?(Modern Industry) L G B
3. Ugly L G B
4. Lyin' Ass Bitch L G B
5. When Problems Arise L
6. A Selection L
7. Cholly L
8. It's a Wonderful Life (Gonna have a Good Time) L
9. Freddie's Dead L G
10. Ma & Pa L G
11. Bonin' in the Boneyard L B
12. Change L
13. Fight the Youth (edit) L
14. Sunless Saturday L G
15. Everyday Sunshine L
16. Lemon Meringue L
17. Black Flowers (Edit) L
18. Unyielding Conditioning (Edit) L
19. Skankin' to the Beat G
20. Lyin' Ass Bitch L G B
21. Mr Zero
22. Alcoholic L B
23. Fishbone is Red Hot
24. Pink Vapor Stew
25. And They Prey on You
26. Poem Dance / Instrumental
27. Game of Destruction L
28. Glow in the Dark
29. What Have I Done ?
30. Skankin' to the Beat G
31. ?(Modern Industry) L G B
32. Slick Nick, You Devil You L
33. Iration L
34. Just Call Me Scrooge
35. Love and Bullshit L
36. The Goose


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