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Tonight !

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Valentigney (FR)

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Location :Washington
Fishbone Soldier since :2002


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Studio Seven (WA) - 19 May 2007 [review written 30 May 2007] new

I was there. My fourth time seeing the gospel spread by Fishbone, and in a way it was awesome that the show was at Studio Seven, as they still allow stage diving. I was there, in a bright yellow shirt, surfing my heart out, as if it would be my last. Fishbone still has the best shows BY...FAR!! Otherwise, Mr. 850 pretty much said it all. Except that the night started out with a bunch of drunk...


Myrtle Edwards Park, Pier 70 (WA) - 21 Aug 2005 [review written 25 Aug 2005] new

My third time seeing Fishbone this year in Seattle (god, what a true blessing!! [getting the privelege of seeing them so many times, that is]). This set was CRUELY short! Oh my god, six songs?! It's not like it was their fault, however; the Hemp Fest powers-that-be kept their schedule mercilessly (cause all those guest speakers have so much important stuff to say in ten minute slots, right?). <...


Hell's Kitchen (WA) - 15 Jan 2005 [review written 19 Jan 2005] new

This show was my first time seeing them live, and needless to say, momentous. I've been into the band for the incredibly short span of 2.5 years, but then again, I was about 7 when they were at their popularity peak. Unfortunately, they had to play in a crappy town at a crappy venue.

The opening bands weren't that great at all. The Pulverts were plagued with an annoying ...



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