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February 19th 2022

Riverside Municipal Auditorium
Riverside (CA)

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Location :Germany
Fishbone Soldier since :1988


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Gaberionel has no recording for trade.


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Gaberionel's reviews

3 reviews contributed

Underground (DE) - 13 Feb 2007 [review written 14 Feb 2007] new

Amazing gig with an uncredible but possible mixture of Ska, Punk, Gospel, Metal und Soul anyway, I don't still understand why in Germany the people are not knowing so much this band, in France, England or Holland, it is very different. Thank U to the band for coming back to Cologne, I saw the band five times, and it is never boring, because they are really creative and real.

Paradiso (NL) - 01 Aug 2005 [review written 06 Aug 2005] new

Thank you very much for this show, there are people who go to the church and others to Fishbone, I am of them second ones, after this, they feel more Life again which sometimes seems to disappear in this "holy shit" we have to see every day at every place.

I saw you before in Germany two times in Prime Club and in Dusseldorf, where you played a so hard sound that the Police c...


Benratherhof (DE) - 08 Jul 2003 [review written 02 Apr 2006] new

marvellous hard fishbone set for me the best I never heard unfortunately with the police before the end has come ....


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Gaberionel has not sent any photo.


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