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July 28th 2022

Seattle Zoo
Seattle (WA)

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Location :Australia
Fishbone Soldier since :1990


McBONE's live recordings

McBONE has no recording for trade.


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McBONE's reviews

2 reviews contributed

Metro Theatre (AU) - 09 Apr 2007 [review written 01 May 2007] new

This was 3hrs of pure Fishbone heaven! I mean, I love the Chili Peppers, but seeing their 1 1/2 hr show a week after Fishbone has shown how shit the Peppers have become. Fishbone are the best hardcore crunch'in funk band on the face of the earth. Let the radio listening, shopping mall record buying public think it's the Peppers. That suits me just fine :)

The Great Escape Festival (AU) - 08 Apr 2007 [review written 01 May 2007] new

It had been 11 years since I last saw the BONE, and they are still hands down the best live band on the planet! Period!!! Luke warm Chili Peppers, FISHBONE ARE RED HOT!


McBONE's photos

McBONE has not sent any photo.


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