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December 3rd 2021

San Diego (CA)

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Location :Belgium
Fishbone Soldier since :1988


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Le Botanique (BE) - 25 Feb 2005 [review written 28 Feb 2005] new

It's been a long time i hadn't seen them outside festivals. There's no comparison. You really get the real power of this band on stage at their own gig. It's amazing that a band that you have seen many times can still amaze you at that point. It's now clear, this band is synonym of positivism, life, energy and love. Thank you all on stage and the former members.

Dour Festival (BE) - 07 Jul 2000 [review written 28 Feb 2005] new

Not an easy stuff : a concert in the early afternoon with bloody rain and frozen audience; however, they succeeded to make time warm and "everybody is a star" has been a real bomb for everybody !!!

Salle de la Cité (FR) - 29 Sep 1993 [review written 28 Feb 2005] new

It was a really long tour with Tool and one of the last gig. They were surely exhausted and this gig was not the best i've ever seen from them. However, a medium concert of Fishbone remains a really big fun and nice souvenirs.


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