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December 3rd 2021

San Diego (CA)

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Location :New York
Fishbone Soldier since :1995


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Knitting Factory (NY) - 29 Nov 2008 [review written 30 Nov 2008] new

They ended with PARTY AT GROUND ZERO, at which point Norwood, Merv and Dre left the stage.  Then, Angelo, McKnight, Wet Daddy and Rocky busted out a hilarious improv (at least I think it was an improv) that I would call IF YOU LIKED THIS SHOW, BUY SOMETHING BLUES.  It was 12 bar blues chording over which Angelo riffed about the T shirts, CD's and other merch available in the rear at t...


Rocks Off Boat Cruise (NY) - 03 May 2007 [review written 04 May 2007] new

A Fishbone historical highlight, for me at least. While the venue has appeared to be in motion many times during Fishbone shows in the past, this time that motion was real!

It was the perfect combination of circumstances - calm night with cool breeze, good sound inside the ship, enthusiastic yet friendly crowd. Angelo jumped from the Lido deck into the audience more than o...


Take Back TV (NY) - 06 Oct 2005 [review written 07 Oct 2005] new

2 fucking songs. Suffering and Party At Ground Zero. Two. Fuck you, Al Gore and your stupid ass cable channel. Waste of my fucking time.

P.S. De La Soul was good. They got 25 whole minutes.


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