End The Reign 


In the darkness, I have found my vision
I've seen the Queen that thrives on desolation
A Queendom that preys on both young and old
Open your eyes.....

A pain is growing that mocks all the true healers
The light of wisdom is making us all turn cold
Those who dare to dream can hold no quarter
Open your eyes.....

Apathy in Babylon
Dreams have been deferred so long
Those who dwell in misery
Ne're receive my empathy
'No one cares for anyone
The chorus to her fatal song
This woman spites everyone
This woman is man...

End the Reign!!

I have passion, I have faith and reason
Yet she decrees I am less than human
(The darkness hides within the light...)
But it's my soul that satisfies her hunger
(The evil's always in your sight...)
Open your eyes.....

When the pretense starts to fall
The 'prefects' make their margin call
Will you join the ranks of sheep
That will not a soul to keep
Their premise is intelligence
Profaned by arrogance
If you stand against it all...
Make the bastards fall...

End the Reign!!

In the world that you perceive
Who are your true enemies?
Is it those you do not know...
Or the ones you can't control
Does joy excite every nerve
>From the 'Mistress' that you serve
Do you have the strength at all
To heed the final call

End the Reign!!!

© Fishbone

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