Last Dayz, Critical Times 


In the last days critical times, hard. 
In armegedon people won't have their heads screwed on. 
Family members will seperate and thus, 
this level of family trust will turn into dust. 
Families will seperate before they even get started. 
Searching for the oasis of love, 
but the island of love is uncharted. 
Ever notice that urgency, it needs to be translated. 
Persons understood everything, but in a different language. 
People die unneccesarily in the streets.
And the livestock will have mad cow disease. 

A paradise just sitting and waiting. 
	Overflowing love and kindness, 
fit for many a king and queen, 
	a perfect world your highness. 
And if you have one thing that you love, 
	and you have close to you 
that you have hidden away in your hideaway sack, 
	that shit will be taken away as well, 
and they won't give a fuck. 

In these last days critical times are hard to deal with. 
In these last days critical times hard, 
misinterpretation and misunderstanding, 
we'll prepare for not a smooth but a fatal crash landing. 
Still in the face of all of this we miss, 
throughout these trials and tribulations man I say this, 
keep the eye of the tiger and shine bright in the mud. 
Overlathered up with the soap of righteousness, 
when surrounded deep in red tape and stress. 
And family member threatens you with blood and war. 
Turn the other way and look back no more. 
Put on a happy face and look straight ahead. 
Chin up, shoulders back should be your motto instead. 
Thinking about angel blue not devil red. 

A paradise just sitting and waiting, 
	overflowing love and kindness. 
Love will prevail, but first, 
	there will be brimstone and hail. 
Understand the roads have got to be this treacherous. 
There is a magic mountain of heaven after the highway of hell. 
	Oh yes, love will prevail. 

In these last days critical times are hard to deal with, 
you'll have to rip your heart out and save it for later, 
and through these times of biterness 
be a lover and not a hater, you know what I'm saying. 

In these last days, critical times are hard to deal with.

© Fishbone

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