Black Box 


There's an electrical box in the corner 
of my house
But I live on the opposite side of 
the house where the living room is
That's where the Black Box rules
That's where the Black Box lives
It's one of Society's Brain Washing 
Tools so get ready Propaganda
Just sit there ... Like a Potatoe
Sit and watch the Propagando 
secretly grow

	And then in no time changing 
the time secretly on your clock 
on the jock of the RED WHITE 
and BLUE, What kind of Blues, 
Indian Blues, Blues of a Black Man
Japanese Concentration Camps.
RED is for Blood, Blood that was shed 
of Black Man and Indian
	Captured in Slavery while building 
	this SHED
	White is the man that 
	started it all
		Buffalo soldiers and 
		Slavery ships
(But these are the Subjects that never 
get heard on the TV, the Boob Tube, 
the Black Box at Home.) 

It's amazing, how a Black Box can 
control the whole damn world
with the Method of Mind Control 
and Subliminal Manipulation

You're a target of the CIA
And after a while you'll do what they say
...... It's a Psychological Operation on
...... you me and your family

That's how the Black Box Kills
That's how the Black Box Thrills

	Just realize when your Mind 
Die, You're a TV Zombie and 
a Bulleye
	You cannot wake up 
from the Horror of Kaos
the CAT, Pummel the RAT,
VIOLENCE creeping up under my 
Stations to destabilize what's 
behind your eyes
	And don't forget
	when you rent
	movies too, the
	low frequencies ans
	the editing room

That's how the Black Box steals
That's how the Black Box trills
That's how the Black Box kills
That's how the Black Box lives

© Fishbone

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