Behind Closed Doors 


Forward,forward, back, back, back
I've fallen and I can't get up and I'm slipping through the cracks
I'm in a crisis and I can't afford the prices
No means to feed my family, never mind the nices
No escape, no pleasure
I really can't seem to get my shit together
Can't protect my children from the weather
Me and my baby skin grows the toughest leather

Where do they go?
When it rains
Where do they go?
When it snows
Where do they go?
When the cold winds blow
Where do they go?
When we are warm behind closed doors

The children cry themselves to sleep
Another night with no food to eat
Tear soaked pillow is a step of concrete
It's enough to drive me to rob steal kill or cheat
You may ask how can you live this rigid life
No means to feed or house your babies and your wife
As I will, I sunk to depths you can't fathom
My lifes a blunder, it's no wonder why you can't imagine



Dem a go back down, dem a go way out
Back to this real world we live in
Dem a too far down, dem a too far out
For the real concern we're givin'
Dem all rob and steal, shoot up and kill
Is the common misconception
We all justify, we all ease our minds
With these deceptions

Now if life was a thing that money coulda buy
Then the rich man would make war and the poor man would fight
The rich mother would pity while the poor mother would cry
While the rich make excuses and the poor people die

Type a thing make I wanna go run and hide
Back to me condo over off of Rodeo Dr.
Grab a beer, try to remember a verse from the Bible
Put on me Tivo and see who's off American Idol


© Fishbone

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