Weed Beer and Cigarettes 


Weed, beer, and cigarettes
Why the prejudice?
When I smoke the kind bud
You get real upset
There's a legal setback that I think we have to address
Weed, beer, and cigarettes
Why the prejudice?

Glamor, pussy and Johnnie Walker join the trinity set
Legalized addiction sponsored by the government
The Drug Enforcement Agency raised the cannabis costs
Medical pages needed
Won't you share the love?
Grandma, uncle and aunt Sylvester
Inhale cigarette smoke
Little brother pounds the Johnnie
It's how he gets his jokes
I smoked ganja in the early life
When the roosters crowed and the sunlight's looking at me right.

Pistols drawn, the handcuffs on the caregiver's wrists
Invasion on the doctor's office
Can you picture this?
California pine is more than ??
City council and city hall trying to work it out
Medical cannabis clinics getting raided like a crack house

Philip Morris, Rj Reynolds, Winston, Benson and Hedges
Classy cancer causing agents that round off the stresses
These companies that get in your pocket and then get you addicted
Are the same that sponsor rehab programs that get you to kick the habit
Available in the marketplace to buy
Contradiction, propaganda's one big lie
Cigs are legal but killing millions
Weed is ?? but illegal
Something bout that that's wrong and evil

From the council meeting, emerges the city rep
Jacked and bludgeoned over the head by the crooked feds
A burlap bag slips over his dome when the van door closes shut
With a cowboy boot pressed to his gut
Surrounded in the desert by plainclothes feds and cops
Smoking cigarettes and ??
Telling him to stop

Making it hard for them to search you down
With websites that put us down
And promo posters we'll rip down

Weed Beer and Cigarettes
Bad for me and you
I can only pray that my kids don't do it, too

© Fishbone

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