A Selection 


You go out to the bar after you get paid
You see the little surfer girl with eyes of jade
Then you see a foxy lady standin' by her side
Pick up the blond to have some fun you do decide
You go out to the parking lot -- you find your keys
You get in your auto and you aim to please
But the lover of your choosin' is a chilly shade
A trick, a tick, a silly duck
But, you have made --
You get on the commercial for the TV tube
Bob Barker asks you which vehicle you would choose
You want the Cadillac or BMW
And you say O-O-O-O-O-O-OKAY!!
You go out on a date with your fiancee
The pretty little lady with the eyes of gray
You go to the bathroom to brush your teeth
(Repeat chorus)
You have to go to New york on a business trip
On train, a plane, a car, or ocean ship
Or you become a rock star and your mind will flip
A choice of psychedelic drugs or groovy chicks
You buy a pack of bubblegum from the store
With two, or three, or four, or five pieces or more
You take out the last piece to put in your mouth
But you select the first piece
Yes, you have made a selection
(Repeat chorus)

© Fishbone

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