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March 31st 2023

Ramas festival
Rincon (PR)

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"FOLEY w/ FISHBONE" video @Lollapalooza 1993 back on You Tube !!!

by Nijumu
Sep 01 2022
It used to be on you tube but it disapeared. Finally it's back.
Enjoy this historical moment because Norwood hasn't missed many fishbone's gigs since 1979 !
"EVERYDAY SUNSHINE" Jun 25 1993 @Lollapalloza 1993 (Weber Fairgrounds Ogden UT)
Here's the link :
"Wow, a lot to unpack here.
While FOLEY was on tour with ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT...
as they were just before them in the lineup...
NORWOOD (Fishbone bassist) was summoned to Los Angeles Court (4x's) for trying to save his friend & bandmate KENDALL JONES....
And, thru this misunderstanding he was wrongly charged for kidnapping...???
So, they asked FOLEY to learn the set...
and, he did. Show goes off without a hitch...
And, believe it or not..FOLEY also had to sub for their drummer FISH (once as he'd gotten a flight canceled)
And as a result..
FOLEY began playing with ALICE IN CHAINS...
and, PRIMUS as well
He was dubbed "MVP" of Lollapalooza '93 you can see...
FOLEY's roots to Alternative/ Grunge / Rock
Runs deep....
Melanie SmartalecFILMS"

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