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Before each chorus you replace the last five notes 
with G# (4th fret, low E)
Verse chords: 
  Bb-Eb-Ab-Eb x3 / Bb-Eb-Ab.
Chorus chords: 
  Bbm-C#-Fm-Fm / Bbm-C#-F# (power chord)

Chords diagrams:
  Bb  Eb
E 6   x
B 6  (8) not necessarily played
G 7   8
D 8   8
A x   x
E x   x

  Ab same position as Bb, on the 4th fret

  Bbm  C#  Fm / Fm (2nd chord)
E 6    x   1    8
B 6   (6)  1    9
G 6    6   1    10
D 8    6   3    10
A x    x   x    x
E x    x   x    x

D 4
A 4
E 2
Noises, something like
G string with floyd rose
F to A with floyd (low E)
Charge music with harmonics 
(7th fret on the D, G, B strings)
Chords Diagram
Bb on B string tremolo

Fanch Bone

© Fishbone

Warning : This tablature was contributed by a fan and represents his/her interpretation of the song and not the official music. You may only use this tablature for private study, scholarship, or research.


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