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December 3rd 2021

San Diego (CA)

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Audio recording - Oct 10 2002

Lee's Palace Toronto, ON
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Type : Audio
Source : audience
Master : DAT
Length : 02:05:00
Recording shared by 3 familyhoodsters
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1. Unknown song
2. Nuttmeg World
3. Bonin' in the Boneyard
4. Sunless Saturday
5. In The Heat of Angrrr
6. Ma & Pa
7. Skank n' Go Nutts
8. Cholly
9. AIDS & Armageddon
10. Are You Wid It
11. Alcoholic
12. Ugly
13. Karma Tsunami
14. Premadawnutt
15. Junkies Prayer
16. Freddie's Dead
17. Swim
18. Shakey Ground
19. Party At Ground Zero
20. Fishbone is Red Hot

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3 reviews
Review found on the web  

Following a mildly satisfying set by local ska-metalheads the Salads, the hungry Lee's Palace crowd anxiously awaited main course Fishbone. Despite the departure of original drummer Fish, negligible radio support and being dropped from their label, the L.A. survivors are holding things together. What's kept Fishbone going all these years is fan support fed by legendary performances boasting formid...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive  

Saw FB in Toronto on Thursday night and a few things came to light. One, as I expected there were more people at this show than the show in back in April. There were three important thing missing (Keisha, Tina and Nerre) but I made the best of it. Hey Nerre, the sweater's in the cleaners so I wore a jean shirt this time.

The crowd seemed HUNGRY for Fishbone with some punk ...


Review from the Nuttwork's archive  

I, too, was thoroughly impressed with the Fishbone show in Toronto on Thursday night. If I sound like a 29 year-old whitey it's because I am! Hehehe. But seriously... I've loved 'Bone since Truth & Soul came out so give me some credit!

I brought two friends with me who would say that their favourite band is Van Halen and they both loved the show. The most Fishbone they ever ...



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