Tue, Feb 17th 2015, 8 years ago by nijumu


It was on Vimeo on the 6th & the 13th of september 2014 but it was erased.
The first part of the "mockumentary" webisode serie about fishbone (based on their last EP Intrinsically Intertwined) is online on you tube.
It is written & directed by Olivia Barash. Bill Fishman is the executive producer (A Fallout Entertainment…

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Fish & Chris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sat, Jan 24th 2015, 8 years ago by nijumu

w/ The House of Vibe Allstars (Anthony Brewster's all star band and also ex fishbone on keys after the departure of Chris) @ Witzend in Venice CA

Foley is in the building..

And if you weren't there.. You missed…

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Thu, Jan 22nd 2015, 8 years ago by nijumu

     Well I had the confirmation it is canceled for economic reasons : fishbone is no longer making money and it is more and more difficult to book a tour for the European booking agency. The whole European tour is canceled. Date of Paris would have been sold out but as always it's to find other dates in France and in Europe that is problematic. Well that would be nice if Fnac and other online companies stop selling tickets before the tour is confirmed…

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So Many Millions facebook group has now 2 years.
Wed, Jan 14th 2015, 8 years ago by nijumu

     I have completely forgotten that I've created this group just 2 years ago.The problem is that it is almost impossible to go back in the history of the facebook groups so I don't know the exact date of the creation of the group. I wanted to stop sending information by email about fishbone on facebook to my friends and also to keep track of everything that members and former members were doing out of Fishbone in their side projects. So I think It was…

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Fri, Jan 9th 2015, 8 years ago by nijumu

Year Of The Dragon (featuring Rodcore & Dirty Walt) are finishing their new full length CD. It is their second album as the first one Blunt Force Karma was released almost 6 years ago in 2009.

It was followed by two EPs Five Fingers Of Def and Not A Riot The MIxtape.


And another good news 3 concerts in February in California :

"We hope to see you guys at these shows, we'll be playing new stuff from our forthcoming l.p. ALL EMPIRES MUST FALL.. "…

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We're 101 Nutt Megs on Fishbone : So many MIllions? Facebook group !!!
Tue, Dec 30th 2014, 8 years ago by nijumu

101 It's done.

101 N.U.T. T. M.E.G. fishbone's soldiers fighting for the NUTMEG.

 The fishbone : So many millions ? facebook group has reached 101 Nuttmegalomaniacs just before the beginning of his 3rd year. Thanks to every members especially Oscar and some others but you know who you are!
The fishbone : So many millions ? facebook group is the companion to fishboneliveorg : I created it to be more reactive to the fishbone news and to discuss about fishbone (past…

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Dr. Maddvibe & The Missin' Links 56'50 live video BACK ONLINE!
Sun, Dec 28th 2014, 8 years ago by nijumu

 Update :The video is back!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

A  killer show opened with a haunted rendition of  Willie Hutch's masterpiece Brother's Gonna Work It Out!!

It was shot in San Francisco at the Boom Boom Room during one of their two days residency

An amazing Angelo's Birthday party I would say!!


1) Brother's gonna work it out (Willie Hutch)
2) Me & my spouse
3) Jaj Jah on the telephone
4) Plexiglass
5) Nate Pocastro

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D'Angelo and Angelo : Black Flowers at AFRO PUNK FEST 14
Tue, Dec 16th 2014, 8 years ago by nijumu

Afro Punk has just released professional video & audio of the performance of Angelo on the cover of fishbone's Black Flowers by D'Angelo at the AFROPUNK FEST  14. It took place in Brooklyn at the Commodore Barry Park on August 24 2014. 


Chris Dowd had written this song and was singing it on fishbone's Give A Monkey A Brain... And He'll Swear He's The Center Of The Universe. The album was released on May 23 1993 . And it hasn't been played live since Chris Dowd's departure…

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Don't miss Fishbone on one of their last 5 shows of 2014
Tue, Dec 16th 2014, 8 years ago by nijumu

Fishbone had just rehearsed for their upcoming US Mini December X-Mas Tour.

Are you ready for the nuttmeg?


Fri Dec 19 - Los Angeles CA - Troubadour 3rd Annual Crazy Glue XXX-Mas

The schedule & line up for this Party in LA : Fishbone (11:00 PM) Mike Dillion Band (10:00 PM) Lonnie Marshall (8:25 PM) Rap Sabbath (8:00…

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? (Modern Industry) 2012 Live Video
Mon, Dec 8th 2014, 8 years ago by nijumu

It was shot at the Greek Theather in LA when Fishbone opened for Primus on the 8th of june 2012. A big shout and thanks to Ska Punk Rarities for this piece of recent Fishbone history .They did a special show that night : they performed the  whole first EP with some other tunes also!! But they only did it one time  It was the first time in more than 20 years they played ? (modern industry) live : last time it was early nineties or maybe late eighties. The video is  rough but it's online at…

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