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December 3rd 2021

San Diego (CA)

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New Video for Year of the Dragon

by Denis
Mar 20 2014
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While waiting for a new Fishbone EP to drop, here's a new track & video from Dirty Walt's other band, Year of the Dragon.  Enjoy !

Mind War by Year of the Dragon

1.4 M after an accident during a show of Fishbone in february 2010

by Nijumu
Feb 16 2014
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 A news article that explains all the fucking nightmare and what happened during the trial.


by Nijumu
Sep 24 2013
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The Madd Vibes Brass Band will return in Europe this fall for a month of shows.

It is Angelo Moore with CQMD (Ceux Qui Marchent Debout) reunion. So get ready  for a funky Madd Vibes Party!!!!!!

Here are the dates :

04/10 – Perpignan (FR) Elmédiator
05/10 – Muret (FR) Festival La Bohème
08/10 – Lille (FR)
Espace étoile, rue Auguste Potié, 59320 Emmerin

Free show check this link :

09/10 – Strasbourg (FR) Laiterie
10/10 – Grenoble (FR) Bifurk
11/10 – Dommarien (FR) La Niche
12/10 – Guyancourt (FR) La Batterie
18/10 – Ivry/Seine (FR) Le Hangar
19/10 – Cholet (FR) Jardin de Verre
24/10 - Marseille (FR) Cabaret Aleatoire
25/10 - Torino (Italy) Torino (italy) C.S.O.A. Gabrio
26/10 – Vitry Le François (FR) l'Orange Bleue

Check the venues before especially if you're travelling.




by Nijumu
Apr 20 2013
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Angelo Moore in concert in Figeac(April the 20th) and Paris'New Morning (April the 21st)

It will be the DR MADD VIBE BRASS BAND :
2) THE NEW MORNING(PARIS) for a madd vibe party.
I think there will be no opening band.Ceux qui marchent debout are a funk brass band and the backing band for Angelo DR MADD VIBE.

Thank You Dré

by Denis
Feb 20 2013
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It appears that Dré Gipson (keys, kocals) will no longer play with Fishbone on a regular basis. wishes to thank him for his contribution to Fishbone's sound and music these last 9 (!) years. He made a difference both on stage and in the studio, with writing credits for three landmark songs of the last decade, i.e Party with Saddam, Behind Closed Doors and DUI Friday. On stage, he assumed the position, perfectly complementing Angelo Moore, when needed.

We wish him all the best with Hunter Green, his current project and we hope that he'll keep on adding his distinctive touch to the madness of Fishbone, one way or the other.

Fishbone European Tour Cancelled

by Denis
Apr 04 2012
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Fishbone had to cancel their April/May European tour due to the knee surgery complications that Angelo is currently sufferring from.  The tour should be rescheduled in the fall. wishes Angelo all the best for a speedy and full recovery!

Everyday Sunshine TV Premiere 1/22 and DVD release 2/22

by Denis
Jan 21 2012
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Everyday Sunshine: The story of Fishbone, the very best movie of 2011, according to Rotten Tomatoes makes its debut broadcast tomorrow Sunday, Jan 22nd on public television channel World to kick off the new season of the Afropop series.  Check your local listings for more details.  The DVD release date is set for Feb 22nd.  Preorder your copy of the DVD on Amazon today !  The DVD is rumored to have 100 minutes of extra footage !

It's not the Oscars yet...

by Denis
Nov 29 2011
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Everyday Sunshine, the Story of Fishbone is currently the best movie of 2011 according to Rotten Tomatoes. Period.  Rotten Tomatoes base their ranking on the aggregation of professional movie critics and viewers' appreciation.  This is just plain awesome.  Congrats to Chris & Lev, the directors.

Fishbone Riding the Buzz Wave After Fallon/Roots/Bachmann Controversy

by Denis
Nov 24 2011
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Fishbone got some cheap publicity these last couple of days when The Roots welcomed Tea Party's presidential candidate Michele Bachmann to the tune of Lying Ass Bitch on Jimmy Fallon's late night talk show.  Bachmann obviously didn't know the song, but she later demanded an apology, thereby exhibiting quite a developed sense of humor.  Hopefully, this song does not stick to her campain, because it's a great catchy tune...  Check it out on Youtube (while supplies last)!

Everyday Sunshine TV premiere on Jan 22nd 2012

by Denis
Nov 15 2011
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After a successful festival circuit and theatrical release, Everyday Sunshine : The Story of Fishbone will get its TV premiere on public television channel World on January 22nd 2012.  The premiere will kick off the new season of the Afro Pop series, produced by the National Black Programming Consortium, which spotlights stories of the African disapora.


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